In the previous article - When is the right time to start preparing for placements, I talked about when is the right time to start preparing for placements. There I mentioned that in order to judge what's the best time to get started, one needs to understand what is his current level of preparation. In this article, I am going to cover the various areas which the students are supposed to work upon, in order to prepare for the placements.

Broadly, any placement drive can be divided into following rounds

  • Written round
  • Group discussions
  • Technical interview
  • HR interview

(Please note that different companies may have different strategies for conducting the placement drive, but largely, gets covered in above areas only)


This round consists of a written test, containing questions in different areas like -

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Technical Ability

Different companies have different test patterns. Click here to see the test patterns of different companies. Clearing this round is very important as this is the major elimination round in the placement drive.


Again this is an elimination round where your communication skills will play a major role in helping you sail through this round. Click here to study how to prepare for Group discussions


This round is intended to judge the technical competency of the candidate. Usually, the interviewers tend to show interest in following areas while interviewing the candidate:

  • Data Structures and algorithms
  • Programming language like C / C++ /Java
  • Databases
  • Computer networks
  • Operating systems
  • Software engineering principles
  • Puzzles

At placement mentor, the relevant study material is available under the Study Corner section. Our experts keep on updating the content as per placement relevance. All the study material is available for free. Before jumping onto the study material, I would suggest to have a word with a Placement Mentor expert and prepare a workable plan in order to improve your efficiency and increase the chances of placement.


This round is usually the final round of interview where the interviewer judge you on your communication skills, thought process, temperament etc. Effective communication skills can help you sail through this round. In my opinion, no book or article can help you get through this. It's all about how well you respond to the situation and the questions. These skills can be improved through mock interviews. Placement Mentor provides the facility for mock interviews where our experts will call you, conduct a mock interview and provide you feedback so that you learn from your mistakes and improve going forward. After all it is better to commit mistakes in the mock interviews than on the final day. Just fill in the form below and let our experts call you back.

In the next article - Essential components of an effective CV, I would be covering the essential elements to be included in your CV and some basic tricks upon how can you mould your interview in your direction. Please note that this would not be a regular article covering the basic details of a CV. I would be sharing some secrets for making your CV actually effective.

All the best for placements..!!

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