When is the right time to start preparing for placements

This has been a daunting question for every student who is trying to pursue a job placement in coming 1-2 years. But before jumping on to the battle for placement preparation, the first thing one should be clear about is the aim one is targeting.

Broadly, in my opinion, one can divide the entire set of companies into multiple bands:

  1. Band 1 - Top tier companies, offering lucrative salary packages - like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.
  2. Band 2 - Mid tier companies, offering good salary packages - like Paytm, Payu, MakeMyTrip, Yatra etc.
  3. Band 3 - Multi national companies, which are very famous in IT sector, big giants, but offer standard salary package ranging between 3-4 lpa. Like Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc.
  4. Band 4 - Startups, which are in early phases of business.

The placement preparation pathway heavily depends on which band(s) of companies one is aspiring for, as each band requires a different skill set and a different level of preparation.

Let's say you have finally decided which band(s) / company you are aspiring for. But the story does not end here. The next thing to consider is which college you belong to. This decides whether you are going to make it through

  • campus placement or
  • off-campus placement.

Both have different set of challenges. Being honest, on-campus placements are much easier to crack as compared to off-campus placements. But the hard truth is that most of the students do not have the privilege of being in tier 1 colleges in order to sit for on-campus placements. But not being in a tier 1 college cannot stop you from entering into a good company at an attractive compensation.

In my experience, I have seen students of low tier colleges, entering into band 1 companies, through proper training and students of top tier colleges landing into mediocre companies due to lack of preparation and guidance.

Coming to the answer of the question which was supposedly the title of this article, the correct time to start preparing for placements largely depends upon a lot of factors like -

  • Which band of company (or being more specific - which company) are you targeting for
  • Which college you belong to - tier 1 college / tier 2 college / tier 3 college - The main point of considering this is the fact that which all companies visit your college campus, in order to decide whether you need to go for on-campus placements or off-campus placements
  • Another important point to consider is your current level of preparation. (Covered in detail in next article - What all to prepare for placements in the series)

Once you are clear on all these points, you yourself can judge what is the best time to start your preparations for placements. If you still have confusions and doubts, you can ask your questions on our AMA page.

All the best for your preparations..!!

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