Chapter 1




Fillin the blanks is one of those question types that can be solved relativelyeasily and quickly.

Whendealing with Fill in the blanks, one needs to understand the nature and thetype of questions being tested. Let us first identify the skill-sets requiredto solve these questions.


The Rationale behind Fill inthe Blanks:

Ata broad level, the fill in the blanks questions can be divided into followingcategories:

A.     Test of Vocabulary and Usage

B.     Usage Based Questions

C.      Reasoning based Questions

D.     Contextual Guessing

Theseare explained in detail as follows:


A.     Test of Vocabulary and Usage

Fill in the blanks is primarily a test of vocabulary. A basicquestion would involve a sentence, with the critical word blanked out. Based onthe overall meaning of the sentence, one needs to choose an option that fitsthe best in the given blank.


Theauthor presents a well-researched _____ of the works of Christopher Marlowe.

1)     critic

2)     critique

3)     case

4)     clich'

5)     caricature