Hello good afternoon everyone.

I am in favour of the topic. Digital payment is very secure and easy for the transaction of money.

It saves ous time.

It is also a step of digitalization for our country.

We also can save our money from the theft.

And we are able to check the bank balance at any time and anywhere just with the help of our mobile phones it is really making our life easy because the transaction of money is important for everyone life.

We should accept the system of digitalization.

It also resolves the problem of change because when we are going to any shop there is a lack of changes should the shopkeeper forcefully give some other thing in the exchange of money.

As we all know that we have to change something in the system like awareness the people who are not educated how they got to know to use of digitalization. Supporting to us what are the main things should have to be changed.

There are some basic suggestion for me to changing the system of the things which make us easier to all the people for transaction money as digitalised.

First of all the app developers design the easiest pattern for the transaction also give the facility of language like in Hindi or maybe audio by which uneducated person also can understand how we can transaction the money with the help of our mobile phone.

My second opinion is that the government should do some door to door campaign and advertisement in the television audio advertisement in radio also by the help of newspaper articles drawings for how to transaction is easy. Because we all know that we the Indian people are very attracted to the things of television send you the product because of their advertisement in the television So, As the same process utilisation payment transaction should be used by the all people.

So, I conclude my points we should take the step of awareness by the help of television advertisement for the transaction and make our India economy to go cashless and one thing also I want to share everything has their pons and cons. I listen to someone says it is not secure because of the hackers so as the same if you take your money in the wallet also be not secure by the theft.


I think there is no one who can say that India is not ready to deal with digital payment. We are here talking about the country who is establishing their own space satellite in the moon and according to my point of view India is ready and can set an example for corruption free transaction. Nowadays we can easily pay money to vegetable market as well as in the mall without the loss of a single paisa. Earlier we have seen that if they don't have to change we were forced to buy chocolate and vegetable forcefully but now we buy what we want.

And I summarise my point that India is ready but the customers are not ready to get the advantage of that.


In my opinion, digital payments are growing to be secure in many ways. Apps such as google pay, phone pe offers payments between any bank A/c, 24/7 monitoring is done to prevent any unauthorized access, Bhim the government provided app for upi fund transfer is also taking measures to be secure day by day. We cannot just load all the cash digitally and move to a remote place and buy goods there it is difficult without some cash in our hand for example- paying for street foods, in small puncture shops as they don't know what digital payments are they need money cash on their hand. I don't say that digital payments are insecure govt should educate people on digital payments and make them understand the use of it, by this if digital payments reach every nook and corner of India the govt automatically take steps to make them secure.


From my point of view, I think India is presently not ready to deal with digital payment and make the country cashless. Still, most of the people have strongly believed in a cash transaction. For example, if we want to pay any amount in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Chennai etc in India through digital payment that is acceptable I mean we can easily pay through digital mode. But on the other hand, if we go to the rural area in north and south states than we will face the problem. Especially if I am taking the example of a rural area in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. There is no changes in their thinking towards digital payment it may be because of lack of awareness, lack of infrastructure, digital communication and other digitalization. If we are talking with respect to economy dan the main reason is -most of the people depend upon primary economy i.e. Agriculture and them have strong faith upon cash payment because lack of education they don't know how to operate the digital mode. Ok, I m giving my experience, two months ago I was in Bangalore and everywhere I paid through online transaction bt, just two weeks ago in my home town Asansol I went to repair my mobile and at last I wanted to pay through online but not accepted by the shopkeeper the reason behind this because of security they did not believe in digital transaction or, we can say lack of awareness. So, it is my perception because of that I think at present India is not ready to adopt cashlessly. The best solution is to aware the people, educated them at least up to a certain level on which then can think about the benefits of digital payment.


Hello friends.

I totally agree with this topic. Now we are living in 21century and we had faced many changes in technologies cashless payment in my view is one of the great achievement. People can carry a large amount of money in android phone and can be tension free. I think digital forms have high security. Its risk free also. Today India is said as digital India and in coming days our country will totally convert in digitalized.

Thank you.


I'd like to go in favor of the given topic. With new age times, new age technology is coming and and we all need to update ourselves with the changing times. In order to move forward, we need to switch to digitalization as it serves a lot of purposes. Making digital payments online, would eliminate the need of carrying money personally, which in turn would reduce the petty crimes that happen on a daily basis like theft of wallet and etc. , thus reducing crimes also. Digital payments saves time also as we don't have to stand in long queues waiting for our turn. The only problem that I see as a con in digital payments is that it is still not a very secure mode of payment, since it is always under attack by hackers. However, digital payments have more pros than cons, hence I stand in favor of it.

Piyush Tyagi:

I think the digital payments are very helpful in making transactions however these payments gateways are prone to hacking which they claim is not, however, continuous improvement and upgradation in technology are required to keep the best for use.


Good evening friends,

We all are heading towards digitized world which is making our life easier and easier but do we exactly know that it is secured enough to rely on it. According to me they are using hardware level security which is mandatory for secure online transactions, if we are aware of the little little points which is prescribed generally which we ignore usually to stay secure so its not very difficult to stay secure with digital payment system. Its our duty to be upgrade or update our application when new version with new security and facility available. These digital payment are secured till we are alert on digital security and make other people aware too. It should be rectified on a daily basis and improvise continously otherwise India as a cashless society is a 'dream'.


Unless and until we share our password and OTPs this is going to be very useful in many cases through digital payments. It has become easy for any amount to transfer, payments, recharges. Etc at any time securely.

Abhishek Jadhav:

Yes, I'm agree with the given topic that is *are digital payment secure enough for the Indian economy to go cashless*.

Nowadays we all uses smartphone and we are very well connected with various technologies. Such as Google pay, Paytm, bhim. Phone pay. One thing we all have to remember these all apps have very good security. If you don't share your password with anyone then there is no risk.

Thank you.