Jyoti Jain:

Yes, we can see the dream of hosting Olympics. But not now, because our country has no sufficient infrastructure development to host the Olympics. It need more fund and our country are not in condition to take more burden of this because our first need is to educate India. In India there is many rural areas where is lack of education and technology. Technology is one more aspect that is stop India to host Olympics. I am not saying that India has no technology development it has but not on those stage that situation want. So India need to grow their tchnology area. Which is far possible from education. Education and technology linked to each other. If all people of Indian will be educated then they will give the new technical idea to our country. In modern era youth is a strength of a country. Youth can make the country and can diminish the country. And the another point is lack of awareness among our country`s people. Many people in our country they don`t no about the sports. So how can they participate and became part of this event. So firstly we should spread awareness among people. And we havr to make our sports man as capable as they win more medal in Olympics otherwise it is as a insult of our country and diminish our pride.

In conclusion, we can surely have a dream of hosting Olympics but after that developments (technology, infrastructure and education).


Yes, we can surely dream of hosting the olympics but as of now, I would say it will not be feasible for our country to handle such a great expense. If we think of hosting of olympics now, it would really affect our financial condition. And also, we don't have such a great infrastructure to organise all the Olympic games. So, we should wait for our financial condition and infrastructure to get better to host the olympics.

Pathan Shahebaz:

I think it's a great idea that we can dream Olympics in our country but now it is not possible. Because now the economical condition of our country is not that much well. So I think the fulfillment of demands of people over the country should be the first priority.

When the country looks healthy so I think that would be the best time to conduct such events.


I think we can definitely dream of hosting Olympics. It has nothing to do with what is going on in this country as the country is generally benefited from the profit which is generated after hosting an Olympic event because these events are funded by the respected authorities and that too ample of money. Our economy will also rise because players and guest from all over the world will be here boosting the hotel industry and buying all sought of local stuff which we shop when we go out at a new place.


Yes, we can dream of hosting Olympics but now it's not the right time because our economic condition is not that much good. Conducting Olympics in our country require a lot of money. First, we should focus on giving proper education to children's living in rural areas. Second, we need to remove corruption from our country then only our country can benefit.


I would like to add more point, according to my point of view Yes we can dream hosting of Olympic in our country it's a good idea but now Our Indian Economy is not in good condition many people are in below poverty line, there is a lack of Technology, infrastructure, in rural areas. As sports literacy point of view, we are so much behind from China USA. Sports literally create many sportsmen to obtain more medals. If we hosting Olympic in our country It's insulating for our country if our medal achievement is less as compared to other.


It's best idea. We can, and it's good thinking hosting Olympics in India, and it requires a lot of money to maintain Olympics, we are in developing country after we developed at that we can host Olympics.


Yes, we can.

Because the Olympic games will create a sports atmosphere in India. FIFA world cup was the latest example of this positive initiative. This step regarding the enhancement of sports condition in India will give a positive effect on sports lover and sport persons.

So in my opinion, this will encourage our players for doing better.


No, if we invite the other countries we must have better arrangements for them and as our political conditions are not stable, it is not possible to conduct olympics. If we talk about commonwealth games 2010 there was a huge corruption of about 900 million, and many were arrested. This totally brings down our country's image. We have other major problems also on which we have to look for.


We should, but currently, we can't.

What I think is that we are actually not in that position of obtaining such huge responsibility in aspects of providing respective atmosphere.

Firstly, we have to became or prepare strong from inside, such as technical point of view and corruption fewer moves to be taken.

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