In my opinion, Chinese goods better than Indian goods because without chinese product India cannot maintaining there market. Our honourable pm Narendra Modi comment buy only Indian goods and give an advertisement make in India which was become a flop. Because most Indian products parts come from China. Thank you.

Manish Raj:

Indian product is a good product for our India.

But China's product is not good according to my point of view because it distributes many types of dangerous radiations more than Indian product so.

I want to say that all Indian use Indian product to develop our country.

Prashant Kande:

Hello everyone.

According to my side, India is a developing country and China is already developed. Indian peoples are very intelligent but our political party is the main reason behind that beacuse they are always fight with each other hence big project is not coming in India. According to me first upon bringing all new project in India which is benifit of our workers and make the own things manufacturing in India which is very affordable to peoples.

So, we stop china's goods in India and buy our own goods this is very beneficial for us. Because china's goods are cheap and not long life.


China has the cheapest labour in the world because it produces goods in bulk and for the Indian market, it is not possible to keep up with the prices of Chinese goods. Moreover, if the government increases taxes on Chinese goods hoping that we consume more Indian goods then China and India will indulge in a trade war and India will definitely lose against China. The Chinese market has conquered our Indian market. The Chines goods are technically advanced and cheap hence the dependency. We Indians should always aim to get our country on top and each of us should realize by buying cheap Chinese products we are not helping our country. From one side the Indian market needs to focus more on how they and compete with Chinese goods and we need to focus more on consuming Indian goods and saving our economy. The falling rupee and failing economy is all due to high imports and low exports.

Beedu Bhai:

I would prefer Chinese goods to Indian produce since Chinese are known to produce a product at cheaper cost, the main reason for the cheap products are because of cheap labour and quality labour so the cost of production goes down. Now coming to the quality of the product, China used to produce low-quality products which have added to the bad image of the country so the Chinese government has taken steps to check the quality of the product. From this move, China has emerged back as the hub of production. Before this major company such as Apple has been producing their products in China way before this move and checking quality at every step of production. As the saying goes "The American dream is made in China".

Rajdeep Roy:

Almost every company that sells products have their manufacturing bases in China. Apple an American company has all it's manufacturing done in China, similarly Tesla the electric car company has set up manufacturing bases in China. China has a huge availability of cheap and skilled labour and inorder to compete globally companies manufacture from China.

Chinese goods are therefore superior from a technological and economic perspective but if companies like Apple or Samsung do not do the strict quality checks then there is a tendency to create the product as cheap as possible with no emphasis on quality.

On the other hand, India does not have labour as cheap as China or even the technological know how but the real aim for manufacturing in India is to make it as durable as possible. So, the cost is higher in India but due to the tendency of manufacturers product quality is superior to Chinese but there are compromises in terms of latest technology.

There has been instances where rice or eggs imported from China have been found to contain plastic replica among them.

Therefore we can conclude that Chinese goods are cheaper and contain a lot of advanced features but they lack in quality because of the intention of manufacturers in China to focus on cost rather than quality. Meanwhile, Indian manufacturers have the intention to produce high-quality product but due to technological know how we produce the costlier and technologically backward product.

Being an Indian one should promote Indian products over Chinese inorder to strengthen our economy and manufacturing capability and technical know how. Also, Chinese products are not durable and can also be harmful to us so we must try to avoid them regardless of the cost-benefit they provide.


There are various types of products existing in Indian market. Everyone is talking about Chinese product but there are also various countries product which we are using very vastly and may affect the economic growth of our country. Indian goods have good quality but they are costly as compare to Chinese product. Chinese products provide variety as well as introduce new function as they have new technologies.

If we talk about Indian economy it must be increases but we have to support only that product which really have good qualities. Othrwise for a particular time it is good for economic growth but as the time passes it will affect the growth of Indian economy.

Komal Gautam:

In my opinion, Chinese electronic products are better than Indian products, for example, a smartphone, and any electronic gadget. But Indian products should be competitive in all over the world because India needs development for growing its economy. In that way, India can decerse its unemployment rate and poverty problem also. So, I would like to say India must come first for completion in all over world.


Hi friends!

India is importing a lot of products from China. And these products are cheaper than Indian ones which is a threat to Indian merchants. Because most of the Indians are middle class and lower middle class. They always want cheap and best so they choose Chinese products.

But the quality of Chinese goods is very cheap. Most of the products made by plastic which is harmful to health. And in India plastic is banned. Even though the rice also made off plastic.

There are many threats to India from China one of the main threat is India has some border disputed areas near Assam. The main aim of China is to cause damage to India as well as Indians, especially who are living in disputed areas.

Another major threat is China-Pakistan friendship. It may cause any damage to terrorism. China begins a friendship with countries which are neighbours to India. For example, China developed its road and railways to Nepal and Bhutan under Sino-Nepal friendship treaty. Which is a major threat to India?

And another threat is there is a lot of competition of software engineers of China to the Indian software engineers especially in other countries like USA and Europe countries.

So please don't concentrate on products which are importing from other countries. Give importance to the Indian ones and make India as a developed country.

Thank you!


Hello everyone!

Discussion topic is Chines goods vs Indian goods.

There are some facts because of which we favour the Chinese goods-.

1. Cost of the Chinese product:

We know very well in China labour cost is very less, labour is easily available because of highest population country. So the availability of labour with good skills is the main advantage of China.

2. Mass production capabilities:-.

Because of labour availability and automation of industries China produces in bulk so China can easily destroy an existing competitor.

3. Decision making fast:- Decision making of China is very fast so updated product produces at the proper time.

4. Technology:- China is not behind in technology so high technology products are Available at a lower price.

5. Resources availability by foriegn policies:- China diplomacy with all its neighbours is very good so, all the resources available very easily.

So they are some facts which shows how much efficient Chinese production system is?

Some facts against the if Chinese goods launch in India.

1. Indian competitor sustainability:- Indian competitor will not sustain longer because of low cost and high availability of Chinese goods.

2. Quality of goods:- Quality of Chinese goods are not bad always but which goods are coming in India they are not very durable and reliable. So again it is loss of India.

3. Economic growth of India reduces:- As we discuss Indian competitor will not sustain at long so the economic development of India is also stopping.

4. Dependency on China:- Indian dependency on China increase so it is not good for us.

Conclusion :-.

As the perspective of cost, availability and for short-term goals Chinese goods are better then India but if we think about long-term it is a big disaster for India.

So India government allow the Chinese products in India according to India's benefits and for fruitful competition.

Thank you!

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