The motto of the "smart cities" is to make India more developed. But working only for cities does'nt Going make India a developed nation! If the base is not strong automatically the building will be weak. Now here the base is villages in India. In INDIA, 80% of the population lives in rural areas and villages, they don't even have the basic facilities like education, electricity supply, water supply, banks etc. So before jumping on things which are already developing we should more concentrate on the areas which are acutally underdeveloped.




I feel Smart city basically focuses on cities and doesn't focus on villages and rural areas where development is needed the most. Urban people can still live without a smart city but for rural people it's difficult to even survive. So, I think India needs to focus on what's the need rather than focusing on serving only one section of the society which doesn't need so much of attention.


As far as I think yeah, we need smart cities but firstly we need to make our villages smart.

As well as we know that India is still developing and to become developed we need smart cities and smart projects.

But before making smart cities we have to create new ideas and new technologies. .

We know that India is suffering from unemployment so by the new technologies it gives employment. .

Thank you.


Yeah, we need smart cities. And I strongly feel that India, in a sudden situation could grow much faster and better. I feel that people in Nation are well aware of the facts and figures. And we should always remember that "every big thing starts with a small run". So we need smart Cities for making our country more smarter and a better place to live.


Good evening.

I am glad to start a discussion of our group discussion topic from me. Do we really need smart cities? Yes, I heard that India is a developing country since primary school.

So, it is a good step toward a developed country.

Because of smart cities proper planning of zones like residential, industrial so people will live without polluted and silent area. Proper utilization of water and good sewage management.

Annu Kumar:

Yes, We need a smart city.

First of all, I tell you this mission started by PM Narendra Modi on a 25th June 2015. And 100 city under this mission and developed by a PM.

In this project, 45000 crores rupees under this construction. The first mission Started in GUJRAT in Gandhi Nagar and this decision is very good for every person in India.

Now, this generation smart cities need to help for developing countries, and it's So many problem and corruption in this country.

The smart cities provide 24 hours of good water, electricity, education, good health and hospitality also, etc

You can see that small villages are not getting a Good facility and not good transport they go to one place to another place in a few time.

Increase the use for CNG and electric car for locomotion.

So, I appeal to a government please improve the village area because they are facing many problems in the village.

If you do work hard than our economic and development problem will be decreased automatically day by day.

Thank you.


Yes, we need smart cities as urbanization is increasing day by day and by 2050 70percent of Indian population will be urban so cities have to prepare for such a huge change and by providing good infrastructure drainage system roads electricity supply water supply waste management we are preparing our cities for future.

Naveena D:

Good Evening Friends,

According to me, In this generation, smart cities need to help for a developing country. But so many problems and corruption are in the country. So that problems may be solved by that time. We want to accept this problem. And also we need to solve this. But no need to spend time on that much of issues. Peoples are also expected that problems are to be solved.

Thanking you.


Yes. We need smart cities as to connect with the modern world as well as to maintain our good ecosystem. Because smart cities play a vital role in the country.

Pankaj Kushwaha:

Before the need of smart city, we need to make ourself smart. Then only the smart city will be build automatically. This only possible by a effective education quality.