Hello everyone,

I feel economic growth is important but not at the cost of nature. We need to efficiently utilize the nature to attain economic growth. We need to protect our environment rather than being a catalyst of degrading it.

Shubham Arora:

I would definitely defy this statement as we won't be able to utilize economy if we won't have a better place to live in. Technically, shrinking of ecological growth would lead to shrinking of economic growth as when the environment will be not suitable to live, many people's health would be affected which will ultimately cost them more.


I prefer ecological protection is more important than economic growth because on earth every human being and we can say that living organisms depends upon surrounding environment. If they are not well then who will be developed our country or who will be improved economic growth? As technology increases day by day, economic growth will improve automatically. We need to focus on environmental protection more because of it, we are here on earth and take a breath.

Mojidur Rahman:

I believe that economic growth and ecological protection both are interrelated. One has impact on other, like the way cutting down of trees and constructing buildings. We should not harm the ecological balance in the name of economic growth. Moreover if a country is economically strong than the mindset of the people will not be towards harming the ecological balance.

Moumita Pal:

I believe Ecological Protection is far more important than Economic Growth. With the Rise of Economic Growth in our cities the pollution level is increasing, forests area is decreasing in number and Global Warming is increasing too. Economic Growth is something which is enjoyed in the short term in the form of higher standard of living but it is nothing but a way of destruction for us and all other species in the long term.


First of all, it is necessary to understand what does economic growth and ecological growth signifies. Economic growth is the increase of a country's productive capacity, as measured by comparing gross national product (GNP) in a year with the GNP of a previous year. Increase in capital stock, advancement in technology and improvement in the quality and level of studies are the principal causes of economic growth. Ecological growth is saving the environment from getting polluted by growing trees, controlling pollution making items.

Economic growth is important because third world countries have huge poverty level and economic growth through industrialization is the only panacea. But with an increase in economic growth will also lead to more emission of harmful gases, wastes from industries that will damage the environment.

So, the only way is sustainable development. Economic growth should be sustainable ecological ly in order to protect the environment.

Mohit Purbey:

Hello everyone,

I think ecological protection is more important than economic growth as everything is related to ecosystem one way or other. As economic growth happening we are forgetting about the ecological protection that how would it impact us if we don't do something now. One good example for the importance of ecological protection is global warming result of economic growth through industrialization and globalisation. So, I think we should start focusing more on ecological protection rather than economic growth before it's too late.


I feel ecological protection is more important than economic growth. In our surrounding environment is decreasing day to day. We should save the environment.


Well, Ecological protection and economical growth both are important for better living but The ratio must me 2:1 according to me because when there will be lesser Ecological protection our lives will be simply threatened and there will be no question of how much Powerful we are economically because we cannot reduce the density of Carbon dioxide will our monetary power. Our economical growth is important too for better life style but according to me Ecological protection is more important. Fresh air to breathe, Clean water to drink and unadulterated food is always preferred over fresh Notes.

Ankit Pandey:

Hello, everyone.

In my opinion, economic growth is important for our needs but we cannot deny our ecological protection our mother environment.

We have to make balance in between. We need both for human growth.

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