Hello Everyone,

In my views, ecological protection is more important than economic growth. What I feel is that there will be no longer economical growth if there is no ecological protection after some years. It's just that we all are here for giving interviews so that we will be an asset for a company and we will increase the production of a company which will raise its economy. Frankly speaking surely we all mostly focus to have more income, but when we analyse the main scenario of production we would see that most of the big industries are based on agriculture and natural resources on a root level. So if there will be no sustainable development then there will be an imbalance between the economic as well as ecological development which will hamper the whole economic growth because after 15 to 20 years there will be no natural resources left for any economical growth.

Shivam K:

Hello everyone,

As per me, we cannot decide the preference between ecological and economical growth, as both presume to be equivalently important.

Let also not forget that we all have come here as candidates for the job interview, i.e., we all are here to earn money, and why? Because we all want our economical growth. If we will individually grow economically then only the country will grow its economy.

And only a well economically grown country will be able to protect its ecology to the fullest.

So without economy there is no use of the protected ecology alone as it will also have necessities which need economy to grow.

Also, everyone must have come here with a vehicle releasing harmfull pollutants which had already disturbed the ecology, and all this just to grow our own economy.

So clearly, no one here is preferring ecological protection over economical growth.


Hello everyone,

According to me, ecological protection should be preferred first because economic growth is based on ecological sustenance. Ecology is the ultimate source for all the raw materials required for economic growth. Economic growth is for your greed and comfortability but ecological protection will give you life to live.

Be human, first, think about nature, our nurturing mother!

Rishabh Tyagi:

According to me, the ecological factor is more important than economical factor if a one country facing a problem ecologically than how it can be developed economically.


In my opinion, without the ecological protection, an economy cannot survive. If we build large buildings, industries etc. A flood or earthquake can destroy it all. If the country aquired ecological stability and harvest our nature in a proper way it will be beneficial to economy also. I believe without ecology economy can't survive.

Rino Jose:

I am in favour of this topic talking about our nation although we need to emphasis on economic growth of our country as we all know our growth lies in the growth of the nation. What we called up development which includes economic growth, the rise in employment, development of transportation means and systems, rising and improvement in globalisation sector. I would like to add we all should cooperate with government to develop these sectors but in a systematic manner as well within some ecological boundary so that our upcoming generation get a well-managed system, for instance, I like to give an example we must ensure to do double or triple plantation in response to deforestation, should keep our surroundings full of greenery.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying e6conomical development is good until it has some ecological boundary.


I think economic growth as well as ecological protection are the most important thing but ecological protection is much more important than economic growth. I believed that ecological protection will automatically return greater heights of economic growth. If environment system well our economic growth will automatically increase.


Hello everyone.

Ecology is the political movement concerned with the protection of the environment.

As per me, ecological growth is more important than economic growth because without a healthy environment how strong our economy we cannot get full satisfaction with our economy. As our ecological system not good then there are lots of health problems. Yes, economic growth is important but with this, we also focus on economical protection. If we do not focus on ecological protection then we have to face many problems like air pollution, Soil degradation, water pollution and many more.

So my conclusion, is that with economic growth we should give more priority to ecological protection so that there is a balance between economic growth and ecological protection.

Thank you.


Hello friends,

I think that time in India ecological protection is more important than economic growth. Economic growth is going through slowly, this is ok but when this is applied on ecology then, it is not good.


Hi everyone!

Almost everyone made me agree upon the give more priority upon Ecological growth.

Let me present some of the facts against it maybe it will hard for you to support me. But it is a must for a better discussion.

Who said the Economical growth can lead to ecological degradation? Even we have TEA, JUTE and Sugarcane industries which contribute the maximum to the country economy. You can say India is one of the major exporters of there. And there are eco-friendly and providing millions of jobs keeping the fertility of the lands.

Even the automobile industries are focusing upon the quality of exhaust system. You might be well aware of the updates in rules regarding the BS system. An Industry isn't simply set up, but it has to undergo many procedures upon the land they are considering and wastes they are discharging into the environment.

Keeping aside the money for a moment, for being into the race of this advancing technologies we have to have Many industries in our country.

If we are considering Economic for the country we must be selfish enough to prove our country at its best in every aspect (Nuclear, engineering, automobiles as well as farming).

Most of you have said about the doing the ecological growth to considered more. I would rather suggest focussing more on Economic growth in a proper way and we must believe if we provide lands enough for nature it will take care of the diversities it is required to withstand the situation.

Thank you.