Hello everyone,

Our body parts works through two major things. One is brain (IQ) and another one is Heart (EQ). Most of Our society people are only focus to IQ when a student studying from their school and college days. So that time they don't care on EQ. Because, they think that if IQ is more he/she will be great person in later. My conclision is IQ and EQ are both are dependent but IQ is more prominent than EQ.

When you have an high EQ, you always surround by people/persons and you also dependented on them. But you have an high IQ you not at all depend on anybody. From your work all other persons make relationship with you.

IQ people make good things, EQ poeple take good things.


Both are equal but these days no value of EQ everyone takes decision From IQ.

IQ is part of division and EQ is an addition.


Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, EQ and IQ both are the major controlling part of our body because by managing these two-factors successes is achieved very smoothly. EQ stands for emotional quotient and IQ stands for intelligent quotient.

To manage the teamwork EQ is needed while in individual work IQ is needed.

EQ is the function of heart and IQ is the function of the brain. For example, in managerial work, EQ is more important than IQ.

Arindam Maity:

EQ and IQ both are important for us.

EQ and IQ are helped us mentally prepared for any types of competitive exam.

Bk Yadav:

EQ or IQ in my opinion both is important.

But how much?

This can be understood easily.
As both are condition based.
It's your condition which decides which is more important.


Through my perception, both eq and iq are important we know that our heart alone can't manage the whole body we compulsory needed brain to function some will say eq is imp. Or iq but you know that very clearly that both are important.

Ramandeep Kaur:

Basically, I think that both are equally important but on the other side, I have this view also that eq matters more. Sometimes, when we overreact or act sentimental, we show our sense of behaving in society. It also proves that we are not strong from inside and it appears that we are not having good IQ level as we couldn't control ourselves and our emotions.


Hello everyone,

Well, the topic is EQ or IQ, firstly, we should be clear about the topic, EQ stands for emotional quotient, know and control your emotions, and know others' too while IQ stands for intelligence quotient, passing a series of standard tests and all to check how intelligent you are, how vigilantly you use your skill.

So, the preference would depend upon the nature of work, if the work requires a team which wants a leader to take his team to achieve success then EQ is needed while if the work is on the individual basis then go for IQ.

And we can also say that both the factors go hand in hand, these are wheels to lead a successful and contentful life, one will control your heart and other will your brain. It is rightly said that no decision can be taken by your brain only.

So, both are equally important to live satisfactorily.

Keerthi Shravani:

EQ and IQ are kinds of intelligence, former being emotional quotient and later being intellectual quotient. Both weigh equally in the real world but the nature of the task which we are taking up decides which has the upper hand.

If it's a managerial job which deals with people, EQ becomes slightly more important than IQ.

On the other hand, IQ plays a greater role in research (scientific) oriented task.

But in general, IQ determines the way you attack the problem and how you use your previous experience and knowledge for finding the solution.

EQ determines how well you manage the process and carry it forward until you find the optimal solution. It mostly deals with the balancing our emotions and keeping it stable internally as well as externally.


Hell all,

I would like to say that both eq and Iq should be balanced in a person. We can't think or take a logical decision without iq but if we are talking about eq it's also important for us because without eq we can't take any emotional decision. Without eq our society will not accept us we will be like a animals so o think bot are important for us.