Hi, everyone I think we need a larger number of peoples with better EQ rather IQ although it is important for the development of an organization or country having better brains but what if you have a negative attitude in you no one is going to follow your idea even if it is good. So I think both IQ and EQ are needed in a person both are like having a car without having driving skills.


I think that both are essential for the people. But I prefer EQ over IQ. Because EQ gives the awareness for making an important decision but not IQ. E.G: Atom Bomb was invented by a person who has high IQ but he did not aware that what will happen if it goes to wrong hand. Because of lack of EQ Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and rest all you know.

Vikas Gupta:

I think IQ and EQ play a very prominent role in our personal as well as professional life. We need to maintain a balance between the two because if we are having good IQ but our Eq is weak then we might not be able to deal with people in a better way as we would not understand what they want from us. Similarly, having lack of IQ.

Is also not good as would not be able to get desired results in various domains of life. So I conclude that both IQ and EQ are equally important to become a successful person as well as a better human being.

Mohit Purbey:

Hello everyone,

I also think both EQ and IQ is necessary. Because a person with high IQ but low EQ can create and innovate but can not make rationale decision let's not forget the incident of hirosima and nagasaki. The same is in the case of High EQ but low IQ a person can make rationale decision but can not innovate and create. So, Both is necessary rather than one.


EQ or Emotional Quotient is defined as an individual's ability to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions. People with high EQ usually make great leaders and team players because of their ability to understand, empathize and connect with people around them.

IQ or Intelligence Quotient determines one's academic abilities and is determined by several standardized tests to assess an individual's intelligence. People with high IQ gain success in challenging task and has the ability to analyze how to approach towards a goal.

So, both EQ and IQ is necessary for a successful person. A person with high IQ and low EQ can innovate but will not be able to manage different people around him and vice-versa. Thus, there should be a balance between EQ and IQ.


Hy friends. In my opinion, I think people have both EQ and IQ but not mandatory that it should be equal. I think EQ is more important than IQ because it is good that people have more ability to take decisions not all have equal knowledge.

Thank you.

Sanjay Joshi:

EQ or IQ both are playing a significant role and equally important in our life if imbalance is occurred you will not get definitely what you want in your personal and professional life if you don't have IQ level you will get failed to make decision fast and interpret things in varied situation same goes to EQ if you don't have a good relation at your workplace with your colleague, you are unable to connect them emotionally probably they can make wrong perception about you.


EQ and IQ both are equally important. One needs to have balance in both. If a person has great iq but is emotionally weak so he won't be able to perform upto his capabilities.

Chetan Sonawane:

I Think I would definitely go with EQ. Because people are crucial and very important aspect our life. When you got a good Emotional Quotient it will get easy to understand each perspective. In another way, around EQ acts an intelligence in Human Emotions.


Hello Everyone;.

EQ and IQ are inseparable.

Discipline, Mannerism, and Attitude can frame EQ. By making these functions work together will make one's EQ good and can cross many obstacles in life in a very pleasant manner.

Through Intelligence, Knowledge, Ability, Will power, Dedication and Self-interest its possible to achieve desires and with this a person is motivated through appraisals, awards, rewards etc. To all these main roles is IQ.

More EQ - - -> Pleasant surroundings (people with us give good respect).
More IQ - - ->Creative minds (Technology development, Nation growth).

Thanks Have a great day.

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