Hi, everyone,

According to me, extracurricular activities are more important in a student's life. Because childhood days are the best days to learn anything. By practising any games/ activities it will help the student to increase their concentration and learning skill.

But it should not be imposed severely on students. Schools must bring interest among the student how to interest the games will be. So, that the children never think about to give up their sport/activity.

So, finally extracurricular activities are more important in schools.


Along with textual education, education with extra curricular activities plays a vital role in a student's life. It open up a new gateway for their future, and provides them a better view of life.


Hello everyone.

Definitely Yes. Because extracurricular gives the chance to develop their health, personality, decision making, leadership there is different more activity which is important for the students. And it is compulsory along with college syllabus whatever they are studying.

Actually, there are more kids who have good talent but they are not getting chance to work on that some are mentally strong some are physically strong and families are always forcing for the study only so it has college responsibility to improve their skills.

In China, you must have to learn something (games) along with the study. And we can see there results in the Olympics and different games.

So, it is very important for the students.


Radha Santosh Hinde:

Along with textual education, students also need to have some knowledge about courageous fields like the military. Because recently our nation India had faced terrorism of Jaish-e-Mohammed. So, students also need to take a military education. So, that they could also able to give helping hands to our mother India, And serve better for better tomorrow.

Subham Kumar Shukla:

Yeah, because it's crucial for students. And from handwork students get's opportunity to research on the syllabus. And it helps in reading, writing skills and main thing revision also so according to me it should not be ban.

Prasanna M:


Yes, extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in school because no tuition can teach these activities because lack of time and nowadays students are busy in their academics because of this they cannot have time to do extracurricular activities it helps to build confidence in their life and it upgrades skills for students.


Hi. Extracurricular activities are must they improving confidence skills, some of the school mainly focus on the education they should have any free time students are suffering mind will be pressure depressed. Extra activities happen means the mind should be free and relaxed.


Yes, because it is the way to find the student's area of interest. Apart from the book knowledge student should also participate in extra activities.

Also, some student chooses their careers in this field because they are good in this field.

By doing extra curricular activities, reduces our stress and also gives enjoyment to us.

That's all guys.


Yes, it should be because lets be practical guys, we all can not be just engineers / doctor, don't get me wrong, these are really good professions, but what am I telling about is that every children has some unique abilities in him/her, which can take his/her life to another level, if we identify it, & groom it properly, & it all starts with school days, because at that time children has no idea about their life, career, so if we let them explore than they will improve drastically as they don't have any kind of responsibilities at that time, also it will make them way more social, innovation, fearless, help them to identify the nature of the person, also the physical & mental benefits are also there in bonus, so yes if should be there in my humble opinion.


Yes, obviously, it should be made compulsory because according to my point of view, having good academics skills are not enough in this growing era, one should have sound knowledge of other than studies too so that he can identify his interest and thus develop his skill in that particular field because school is the only first place where a student can keep his first step on the path of his goal based on his interest.

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