Sowbhagya K:


No. Facebook need not clarify policies on content removal. It's just for a chatting or video calling. FB need not give more concentration on this.


In my point of view, facebook needs to do this to certain extents. The news feeds and all other current updates are important. But the irrelevant, or unwanted contents should be removed.

We all know that many negative issues have also come out of this in effect the common people a lot!

In order to step ahead, FB should clarify its policies on removal of certain -ve public issues.


I'm Manju.

I disagree with your point Sowbhagya, sometimes FB also giving more knowledge. Like good friends are sharing some good things like employment details. You are wrongly using means. Your point is right.


Yeah. Facebooks need to tell what stuffs anyone can post and what not. But the most important thing is that facebook should remain independent, government should not keep surveillance on what people post on their wall.

It's their own life, they are not obliged to anyone. People on social site express their rage, their anger, their protest and their views. So there should not be any kind of restrictions on what we post. Social sites such as facebook are a medium through which we can share our ideas through larger population. There are many who don't read newspaper but they are always online in facebook.

Earlier there was a report that two girls were arrested due to what they posted on their timeline. They just expressed their anger against the current policies of government and people started calling them unpatriotic and even demanded sedition charge against them.

My question is was it such a big deal? They just being a responsible citizen reacted to the government's decision. And government for 2 days kept them behind the bar. We live in a democratic country. We have right to express our feeling unless and until we don't hurt anyone intentionally. There are various groups active on these public sites in which its members are indulged in abusing people on other communities and government never takes any actions on them.

So government definitely needs to clarify its policies so that people before posting any stuff don't get involved in any conflict with government.


Hey Friends.

I am Tejas.

Facebook should have to develop algorithm on content removal that will definitely help to clarify policies on content removal.


Hello all,

As we all know that social media is playing a vital role in today's society. Facebook is one among them. It is a place where one can share their ideas, emotions as well as interests. Every person has the right to share their opinions on the wall of the facebook. It can be considered upto some extent where it really hearts the opposite person intentionally.

Regarding with commenting on the political issues, one has to think before they say or comment whether it is correct or not. If they have any negative opinion, they have to comment on only their view so that the opponent can correct it. But should not use abusing language, to intentionally heart the particular person.

Finally, what I want to say is, just comment only your views and opinions in a way wherein the person can take in a positive way.


In my point of view, Facebook is important because is provide different types information related to different fields. And it is the best way of advertising and Facebook is used many people, they are not interested in reading books, newspapers etc. And Facebook also has many -ve points. It creates some public issues.


Hello, guys.

My opinion towards Facebook gives us both I mean to say it will give us to join us to friends, we do chatting, calling, poking, posting, sharing. Etc. As the sometime, it gives us a lot of information which we will likely interested to know. There was number of pages which will give us the huge information.

Thank you.

Veena Sree Ummadi:

Hello everyone,

Facebook team can't filter the contents. Data is large. And Facebook pages do exist in large number. And moreover for security reasons, even the Facebook team might not have the permissions to remove any content. Because it's main motto is to exhibit people's expressions, whatever they might me.


As well we all are know that social media play a important role in our life. Everyone can share the opinion and ideas of Facebook wall.

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