Albin Mathew:

According to my point of view, technology are impacting on banking sector because new technology like Paytm and Schach card are effecting of banking according to sector technology helps to do fast translation of money in this way India is also developing technology is always be the asset for all sector these is all about this topic.


Hi guys.

In my opinion, nowadays, the technology is important to banking sector.

If transfer money through the technology is highly secure. It will be save time also.


Banking is nothing but a business. So I would like to put lights on how technology affecting the business.

Fasten the process.

Nowadays we can easily send our information regarding business through emails, WhatsApp.


For success in any field, advertisment play an important role.

Technology reduces manpower, increase the efficiency, more production.

Through technology, we can reduce a lot of time, because of its unique property why that is identity.

At last, you would like to conclude that with the advancement of technology Banking is achieving great height both in terms of consumer and its own profit.

Thanking you all for your kind attention!

Ayan Kumar:

Hi. Its Ayan.

We are now in 21st century and witnessing the technological revolution in almost every sector and banking sector is no exception of it. Digitization means the adoption of technology. Banks always try to update its quality of business to enhance customer experiences. Technology has made banking so easy be it online account opening or internet banking or some other business etc. With the help of technology, banks have reached to every customer's door and every customer can do each single banking activities online. Like before they don't have stand in long question in front of counters in banks. It saves time, increases productivity. With offering all the services online banks are contributing more in govt's digital India initiative.

The need for handling a large amount of cash has been reduced and thus human error also minimized. With Net Banking we can now pay a fraction of seconds while buying anything online. With increasing no of digital or cashless transactions fake currency threat has been reduced. So it is evident that technology has been proved to be a boon in banking sector and public is accepting digitization in banking.

Thank you.


Hi friends, I am Bhavani Rajendran. The impact of technology in banking sector has paved a way even for an illiterate from remote rural areas to access net banking in order to credit his/her salary from their particular concern they are working for. The SMS service provided by the banks for an individual's account is really very helpful to update the day to day changes in their account access. This never require even high-end gadgets which cannot be accessed by a layman who is not aware of technologies. Access given to plastic cards helps the consumers in emergency circumstances.

On the negative side net banking and other payment apps increases hacking to some extent than expected even though there are various safety measures by the techie experts who can break these securities. But that lays road to some more advancements in the technologies that boost up the banking sector.

Thank you for listening patiently friends!

Shashank Soni:

Hello friends, as per my views technology is increasing day by day in every sector whether it may Banking, IT, Sports or other. So it helps for both costumers as well as Employ. So one should must know that after couples of years whole there world is totally depend on technology. Some of the major advantages of technology in field of banking sector are as follows.

1. Technology is non discriminatory so all the peoples will be treated same in banks no any condition of partiality occurs after digitization.

2. Reduces human errors.

3. Consuming time for any process regarding bank account reduces. Easy to maintain account as well as account opening.

4. Decreases corruption in terms for loans and any other facility.

5. Eliminate agents for illegal work done in bank.

6. Easy to handle situations of fraud as compare to early days.

7. No need of carrying huge amount as we can do cashless payments.

8. Transparency in transaction shows whole detail of every individual so no one hides his/her money with government.

9. Secure channel to receive benefits direct to bank account who are actually in need of it.

10. Fake currency notes issue will we solved to some extent.

11. Transaction becomes more comfortable because of technology.

12. Applications, sites and ATM will updates as per requirement will solve all the issues regularly.

13. No need of waiting in queue as deposit machines come in banking sector.

14. Peoples comes under BPL get benefits of all the schemes provided by government.

15. Recently IDFC Bank launched "Adaaharpay App". With the help of it, we can do transaction only with our Adhaar number and fingerprint.

16. Secure transaction from one place to another having not any stress of carrying money with us.


Yes, I appreciate your views. But if you consider banking in rural areas in India where still there is no proper communication of transport or electricity in that case how you can consider of digital banking. In my opinion, digital banking or technology in the banking sector is essential only for urban areas. If the total banking sector needs to update with technologies then we should assemble under one umbrella i.e. educate every nation & build up proper infrastructure then implement this.


Banking sector is greatly impacted by technological advancements which is a very good sign as for as transparency and efficiency is concerned. Today we have data for real-time transaction which is very helpful to combat corruption. We can use instant money transfer with technological advancements. Also, we maintain customer's balance sheet in better and clear way and access to data when needed has become very easy with technology. But at the same time, we need to be very cautious with this as there are several cases of data breach in banking sector which is very dangerous. Although we use online transactions which are very convenient but at the same time online frauds are also reported. So we need to deal with its other side as well.


Hello everyone,

Technology plays a major role not only in banking but also in every sector but then in banking technology has a great impact as it provides many benefits to us. Money transfers can be easily made. Time-saving to public. Frauds related to banking can be easily identified. Public Can go anywhere in the world by cashless. Transactions made in banking remains for the longer period of time which acts as a proof of public transactions and corruption can be reduced. By technological updates, public Can be education much better than past these helps in development of country. Money deposits can be easily made, no need of standing In banks for hours. The customer transaction records are maintained from time to time. It is easy to identify the differences between fake currency notes and actual currency notes. Hence I conclude that the technology in banking sector is boon to the country.


Hi everyone, my name is Deepak Kumar and today our GD topic is technology impact on banking sectors. So friends as we all know that technology doing a major role in our day to day life but if we talking about the banks their is really a crucial need of technology because in every bank we see that workload is more and that's why banks did not gave a proper service to the customer.

But after ATM, E-banking and other new technology take place we see the difference in the working performance of the banks and also customer satisfaction level increase. So I think technology play a major role in banks. Thanks.

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