No its all about what we gain the knowledge.

If we concentrate on lessons at least when we attend the college is actually enough for success. And me I'm a student like that who has got 493/500 and I have not attended the most classes. If you could compensate it. It's all up to you.

Shalini Tomar:

In my opinion, attendance should be compulsory in college because most of the students think that studying one hour before the exams is enough to get pass but attending classes increases the knowledge, communication skills, we get plenty of examples of topics covered. Attending college is better than watching movies, playing games and continuously chatting with friends.

Shalini Tomar:

In my point of view, compulsory attendance really needed in college, as student teacher interaction is very important, it cannot be replaced by online resources. Gaining knowledge from teachers is more time consuming than getting notes and preparing during the exam time.

Nikita Mahesh Shikhare:

No, it's not necessary because our study has been completed in our home also if our understanding is clear so regular college is not needed.


No, the title itself emphasize that it is a COMPULSION, anything done without interest is just a waste of money, energy etc. Those who are really interested in pursuing knowledge will find it useful.

There is no use to compel people to sit for 8 hrs in a lecture hall or in the class room.


The sole purpose of making attendance compulsory in any college will be because the students should attend classes regularly which will intern help them to perform well in their exams and get good grades. Yes, students do benefit from regular attendance but this isn't true always.

I personally feel that there shouldn't be any compulsion put on the attendance of the student.

I have myself seen students with more than 90% attendance in a particular subject but failing in that subject for the exam. So, tell me what's the point of that 90% attendance now. Yes, after the results it seems useless right!

There are many reasons why a student won't like to attend classes regularly, I have listed few below:

The student is extremely intelligent and he/she feels it's useless to attend classes so instead he/she uses that time for some other productive work.

The student wants to learn and attend classes but is unable to understand what the teacher is explaining despite of paying a lot of attention in the class (here the student may be a slow learner or needs a different way of learning apart from classes).

The teacher might not be very good at explaining the concepts or conveying properly, which makes the student feel disinterested in the subject as well as attending classes and also, they develop the attitude of saying that the classes are boring.

Co-curricular activities if the student has to participate.

The student completely not interested in studies won't attend classes (these are always a minority in number).

So, we have seen various reasons for the students not attending classes regularly and yes some of the reasons are genuine. But because of compulsory attendance, these different types of students unwillingly need to attend classes just for the sake of attendance. But what if there wasn't this attendance compulsion?

Any career-oriented student will obviously know the importance of learning as their future dreams are dependent on that. If they aren't getting the quality learning in the classroom it's obvious that students will find other ways like bunking classes and be learning with friends (group studies) or by making use of internet like online tutorials or personally taking coaching in that subject. But when the question of keeping the attendance arises the students are helpless and need to compulsorily attend classes whether they gain something or no instead of using their time effectively.

So instead of putting compulsion on attendance, there should be more focus in building quality learning for students and improving the teaching level in colleges which doesn't force students to attend unwillingly but to make them develop interest towards the subject. Finally, learning shouldn't be a forced process but a gradual process where the students willingly feel interested towards the subject.

Joydev Patra:

Hi friend.

If we talk about college their have two elementary parts, student, and teacher. So how can we consider a college without students along with it college is not the only place for bookish study but also a part of social sites where they can shear their thought from various custom and minded I mean communicate about society and culture, in some case it take part of social working.

But also some resplendent students who don't require to go to attend classes, some students busy with a competitive exam like a bank, SSC, CGL etc and one thing some teacher s are so sicky that students couldn't want to attend for wasting their time, actually, that's the fact of education system.

So must go to college but attendance percentage should be a precious low limited.


Good morning everyone.

According to me, Attendance is very must because we got a regularity and discipline characters that we do not have so much. Sometimes he may get ideas from his fellow classmates or professors about his future career.


Hi guys!

In my opinion, there should not be any rule of compulsory attendance in college, yes up to school it's okay!

It is so because there are many more students like me whose mind can concentrate more at night. So they can also study at night time through video lectures and all. The only thing is that our mind is able to accept or understand what you are reading doesn't matter whether it's day or night. Coming to college daily and just sleeping in the class. And getting nothing is just a waste of time and nothing else.

Thank you!

Abdul Rasheed:

Hi everyone, in my sight, there should be no rule for attendance in colleges because in India most of the people are from the poor family background. Like that people they don't have enough money for doing anything, at that time they would like to do jobs means part-time jobs, sometimes it'ii turns into a full-day then assume that what happened, they can't reach to college. So automatically their percentage of attendance will be reduced. What I'm saying is the most talented persons on this planet like Newton, Einstein, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg etc. , they also didn't go to colleges/schools properly, but they became as successful people. REMEMBER THAT. Thank you.

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