Shubham Pawar:

Compulsory attendance. Well, we might have all suffered due to this in our graduation days.

But the question that "Is compulsory attendance really needed for the welfare of students? ".

Well, this question can be answered in many ways.

In my personal opinion, a student must not be imposed with compulsory attendance. The reasons for this are:

1. First of all, when we see the curriculum of Indian Universities it is much outdated. The technologies of 18th-19th centuries are being taught to 21st-century students. The futuristic technologies like blockchain, Artificial intelligence, big data, etc. Haven't made to our curriculum which is very much vital for the growth of our career.

2. The second reason could be the unavailability of qualified and skilled teachers. Even today most of our colleges (except a few like IIT's NIT's) we didn't find teachers with modern teaching methodology. This makes learning much boring and unworthy.

3. A third reason could be the digitalisation of education. There are a large number of the video lecture and educational material available on the internet prepared by highly skilled and qualified professors of highly renowned universities of the globe. So the students these days prefer to learn these modern technologies by these skilled professors rather than wasting their time at the classes.

4. The last and the most important point to consider is " Do our colleges make us employable?". Most of you would agree that it doesn't. The technologies needed by modern world industries aren't taught in colleges. This makes students to search for other options like taking extra training at coachings or taking online certification courses to become competent in the market. Today the skills are more important than knowledge. And the classroom can just give us a little knowledge but not the skills to get the things done.

Hence I conclude that even if attending classes may seem ethically correct but imposing compulsory attendance just constraints the students' imagination, creativity and his right to learn what he wants.

One solution I would suggest to encourage students for maximum attendance in classes is to strengthen the education system and modifying it according to modern interests and needs of students.


In my point of view, attendance need not be compulsory because every student has his own interests, so he may get bored in other classes, which are not his interest. It means that if he is interested in any subject his mind forces him to learn it.

Apoorav Chaudhary:

Why the attendance must be compulsory in colleges. The thing is that these criteria just messes up students mind and rather fulfilling their attainment of skills they are fulfilling their attendance. And due to this after 4years of engineering, they realise they needed to do something else. Now, I have a question for every one of you do you want to have a skill India or a dumb India fulfilling its attendance criteria.

Prasanna M:


According to my point of view, attendance is not really needed in college because nowadays student are mature they understand the educational importance in their life because of that attendance is not needed in colleges.

Thank You.


Different people have a different opinion about it, I think attending classes should be compulsory because we may not know where our interests lie, in such atmosphere, we tend to find what we really want, we get to meet people and get exposed to the different working environment. No one wants to be a couch potato, not making attendance compulsory would make us one!


I think that it is not necessary to attend college regularly. Because every student has different interests and aims. They can do anything as they want. So, the attendance doesn't matter on a bright future.


Attendence is of prime importance because you never know where your interests lie. Wouldn't you be happy if a certain topic strikes you hard and keeps you occupied the whole day.


Well, I think it altogether depends on the student to student because the student will only sit in the class when he/she finds the faculties & subject knowledgeful & understandable, otherwise he will only daydreaming in lectures, so in my personal opinion it should not be compulsory to have attendance.


According to me, the compulsory attendance is a concept of making someone to sit in the room who is not at all interested in listening.

And it doesn't means that if a student has no attendance he has poor knowledge in the sub in this digital world we can find everything in internet so actually forcing student who has no interest to listen to sit in the class and teaching him is like teaching a rock how to move.


Attendance is not at all important in college. Why because some students are not interested in classes they are interested in any other fields which one they prefer or like more.