Saloni Sharma:

Political parties are allowed to get anonymous donation up to Rs. 2, 000 and money more than that requires particulars of the person, donating them. I don't understand how all this seems fair to the government when this is a clear corruption.

What political parties want more than funding for its campaign. Anybody seeking favours from these parties may fund it anonymously and political parties just have to show this fund as a summation of Rs 2,000.

There should be a proper balance sheet of each funding to political parties and no anonymous fund should be allowed. Moreover government Think " there would be income tax return by parties", when there is no income tax imposed on political parties. Therefore it would be fairer than income tax department keeps an eye on political parties.


First thing you should note that the topic isn't about politicians, it's about political parties. IT department is free to investigate politicians just like a common man. But Before some years political parties were free to get donation from people. So, political parties were getting money from illegal ways.

But this year, in January, the IT department has ordered that political parties can't accept money more than 2000 in the form of cash. People have to buy an electoral bond from specific branches of SBI and use to donate money to political parties.

It's a very good thing, significantly reduces corruption, or it cleans up the election funding. But this isn't enough.

The political parties may say they got money from more people, But it was less than 2000. So I would like to listen if you have any ways how this can be made more effective.


Being a world largest democracy in the world everybody should be seen at the same level no matter if it's a political party or a common man. So, why then political parties are not to be covered in this rule?

Secondly, there are many political parties that are receiving their funds as black money, with this shameful act making our system hollow day by day. And if these political parties say themself as the system that works in the favour of people then there should not be any fear in them for income tax investigation. Their tax will contribute to the development of the country and leaving their taxes we are losing a huge part of the money that can help to make good resources for poor people.


Why should a political party be spared from income tax investigation? This gives rise to corruption. A secure way for few people to evade income tax under the name of their political party. The political parties are given lots of facilities in India but income tax is something each and every organization, human, etc should pay. This way the poorer get poorer and the richer get richer. So even a political party should undergo income tax investigation. If the party and their people are clear they should not have any problem in the investigation.


My opinion is that it is not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigations, the rule is a rule and it is applicable to each and every one of our constitutions.

We all know undoubtedly that all political parties are corrupted. My opinion is that no political personality should participate in the election who involves in corruption but our constitution doesn't mind those ideas. They don't bother whether they are educated, capable or honest. They just need fame and thus ruling political parties.

Even when income tax investigation moves against them, it's not valid by using their power they miss use the duty of income tax officers.

Though if an income tax ride happens, if the income tax department submits the report to the government about the illegal properties till that only the news will be published. We don't know what happens to the property or black money that has been captured.

The political parties and government are answerable to the society about the usage of those properties.

Finally, I add a point that even income tax officers being honest but the political parties are not expecting to be honest only if they strictly punished by providing no facilities that a common man gets from the government this would change.

Thank you.


No, all the laws and rules of India are meant for every citizen of India. There should be equality of law for everyone. Tax should be levied on everyone who is an assessee and also the investigations regarding taxes should also be done on everyone whether the person is of any political party or any normal individual, RULE IS RULE. And at last, I would like to add as we all know this truth that all the political parties are undoubtedly ''CORRUPT''.


India is a political world power. The right to equality has to be justified for every citizen. The political parties themselves are a group of some individuals which does not gives it any advantage to stay unchecked by the income tax department. A lot of black money flows through these chains and we can't deny it on any level. There is only one way to restrict this and it is getting it under one umbrella of equality. That is the only way to justify constitutional equality.


No its not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigation because everything like every fund at last will be handed over to that leaders. They may not use all the fund, they may keep some aside. To come to know this type of issues income tax investigation is must for them.


As we all know that our country comes in the top for corruption and for black money. This all corruption taking place from this political parties and from business persons only. If we are spare them only from the income tax investigation then how will our country will develop the poor people will going to be poor only then. Which ever political party starts any new project in our country they are playing a big game in that and every earns a huge profit from that and they are not paying taxes for the same. Every year they start a project of crores of crores budget and actually they are using this all money in that project not at all they all goes in their pocket and not even paying tax. So it is not at all fair to spare a political parties from income tax investigation.


We are living in the country which comes in the list of most corrupted countries.

So, it is definitely not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigations because political parties are one of the soul reasons for corruption in our country and they are the most corrupted persons of the society.

So sparing them from income tax investigations will escalate the level of black money in our economy and at the end, the common people will suffer.

So, if we want to a developed and corruption free country so we should not spare anyone from income tax investigations.