In my opinion, the 80% of the people are confused which is more than confident. It's due to they don't have their fixed future carrier and its because of they don't have proper guidance at the right time. Let's take an example there are lots of students who have done an engineering every year but most of them are unemployed because they get confused about their future plan if some have done Engg in ECE then he would get confused either go in it sector or in any core. They don't know what they gonna do in their future.

I would like to talk about some parents. Some of our parents want their child in the study if any students want to do some in curriculum things there parents forced them to become something in the study only then students get confused. Parents shouldn't compare their children with the neighbour of the child because every student has different strength and weakness.

So, according to me, most of the youth are confused.

Prasanna M:

Hello, every one.

Thank you for giving an opportunity to share my knowledge about an interesting topic.

Is the youth of India confident or confused?

According to my point of view youth of India is confused because their is no proper guidance for senior person who are experienced their situation before we experiencing because nowadays people are confused about their life because lack of proper guidance from people they don't listen around 95% people are still confusing about their goal because in my country parents need only a good marks they don't think what my son/daughter acquired knowledge in this class or course because they think that a 98% candidate are more successful in their life it is not correct because a person who has a good communication skills and knowledge about all matters of society they can survive more days compare to 98% candidate because nowadays a person who is confident can settle in good position without subject knowledge because they need a person who confident in life not by person who always confused about in their career.

Thank You.

Snehsl Pise:

Hii friends.

According to me, the youth of India is more confused than confident because;

1. Their goal is not fixed.
2. Lack of ptoper guidance at the rtight time.
3. Lack of confidence.
4. They are focused only on getting good marks rather than knowledge.

The ratio of confused to Confident is 80:20.

i.e; 80% youth are confused about their career. Because as I say lack of proper guidence at right time.

There is a need to give proper guidence from childhood. Then only our youth will become confident for their's career.

20% of youth are confident in their career but they always higher for countries like USA, Japan etc.

So a friend who will support other 80% student?

I think if our goal is fixed and parents also support us then within some years the ratio will be reversed.


Our Youth is Confident but they are a little more Confused because to survive now is hard because of the increasing competition in every field and they don't make the future plans (because of the un proper guidance).


Good afternoon all of you.

In my opinion, Indian youth is confused due to the lack of guidance. And believe anyone for your future and could not set the goal.


In my opinion, youth are confidence to do any work, but confusion mind destroys their thoughts.


So, my opinion would be that the youth of India is confused. India is a developing country currently and there have been dynamically changed regarding everything around us. So many options being put forward confuses one where to go and what to do ahead.


As for my opinion, Indian youth is confident as well as confused. In the sense of confident, we see that by improvement of our technologies youth are using in order to improve their skill their communication skills etc.

But youth is also confused in the sense of there is a lot of unemployment is there and youth are just want to get a better Lifestyle. I want to give an example. Like during the admission in college students get confused to take admission in Which department even they are confident in their own subject because every department has their own package rang. To get a better lifestyle after college completion students are confused.

So, I want to conclude my point as the youth of India is confident as well as confused.

Kshitija Jagdale:

Hello everyone,

I am Kshitija.

Today's topic is interesting and very well based on the current situation of students that,

Is the youth of India confident or confused?

My opinion on this is. We youths are confident and extremely talented in our own way. But the thing which makes us confused is the growth in competition in most of the well-known fields, also if any one of us has talent in some extraordinary field like creative fields eg. Dance, painting, poetry than the perspective of money and earning heads up. There is very slow growth in such fields, which is not accepted by many of the families. This topic is not just get stopped on simply confusions but in many cases, it touches the level of depression too! Many students are not able to take the pressure and therefore day by day suicide cases are increasing.

It is necessary to take a view on Indian youth's confusion problem seriously and to guide them properly that why the field which he or she is choosing is proper for them. Rather giving them suggestions it is must nowadays to give them moral support and to give them will power from your maturity and life experience.

Thank you!

Rohit Patil:

According to my point of view, guidance is not the only reason for confusion there are many things that can be confused to youth, as we know that population is increasing day by day, so that competition for respective job is also increasing due to this youth thinks there is already more competition for that job, so they think they won't grab that opportunity and turn towards other things instead of doing any struggle.