Abhishek Singh:

In my point of view, the youth of is confused because of the understanding level and thinking power is low, lack of knowledge etc.


Hi everyone.

According to my point of view, youngsters are more confused they do not have a proper guidance, even for choosing groups for 11 and 12they not choose according to their thought because they are confused a lot. They need proper guidance to become more confident.

Saurabh Dubey:

They have a lot of confident but need to keep it on continue and confused somewhere because of poor education system and lack of practical.

Raj Savaliya:

Some person like Dhirubhai Ambani and Sachin they are not well educated because they economical or other problem now youth think that "the last bencher will become more successful them clever student "but true thing is this, success or feller dependent on talent and hard work.


The youth of India are not confident enough about their career. They don't know about their future plans and about their careers. Many times they are misguided and misleading. They have a fear in their mind that getting a job is hard.


Hey everyone.

In my view, the youth of India is confused because they do not know what are their aims, goals because of competition which is increasing fast and also lack of proper guidance which they are not getting on time.


Hey guys.

I think the youth of India confused at that time because there are many fields to show your talent but this time they are confused to select their field to do something.

This is happening in education field mostly as they get admitted in engineering after some time they realise that they are not interested in this field they want to do something other.

Amod Ali:

According to me, Indian youth is confused due to corruption because if we apply for a job there is no security getting the job for the corruption. And also confused for Indian education system because in Indian education system may follow only mark basis not on skills, which we have really need for carrier.

Bhuvan Kaushik:

According to my opinion, the Youth of India is confident enough. Because I have noticed that now a days children are very much focused towards their goals. They can decide options for their future that what will be helpful for them. Ups and downs are always there in an individual's life but now a days people now how to handle any situation and also they are very confident at every phase of life.

Sindhu M S:

Hey everyone.

As per my observation, Indian youths are confused more than confident. As the fields are increasing they are confused about how to show their talent and which is the right platform to their talent. If they got the platform confusion in how to present their talent and how to reach the people. It is because of the use of mobile phones, they all are connected through the networks not with the reality. When the youths come to know the reality of connecting with the world they will come over with the problem of confusion.

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