J.S.Mohan Kumar:

Polyethene is made by two words that is poly and ethane. Poly means many and ethene it's a carbon compound. Usage of more polythene bags are very much harmful these are not degraded easily. Instead of polythene bags, using easily biodegradable, eco-friendly materials are so much useful. And also so many animals also eat it and die. Not only this but also to global warming is increased day by day. And also it causes soil pollution, air pollution due to burning. So, polythene bags must be banned.


Hello, friends.

We all are discussing a global issue which is polythene bags must be banned.

Well, In my opinion, I strictly support banning of polythene bags.

1. Polythene bags are very harmful to the environment and as well as animal.
2. If an animal eats polythene bags then ultimately die.
3. There are many solutions available for this problem. Instead of plastic bags we can use paper bags, cotton bags, jute bags etc.

So finally my conclusion is if people understand this serious problem then we can easily aplomb towards a better world.

Thank you.

M.Shafi Mehr:

Every human being has become too habitual of using Polythene bags in picking up domestic goods to avoid its use. But at the same time, such practice has adversely affected our life. Govt. Should take a drastic step to ban polythene. Govt should take measures to encourage people to use cotton and jute bags. For this purpose, govt should get the cotton and jute bags available in market at subsidized and cheap rates.

Akash Singh:

Yes, polythene must be banned because polythene is very harmful for our environment. Polythene is not Eco-friendly and it is non-biodegradable so we all use paper bags and biodegradable bags. One more thing is that when plastic mix with soil than it degrade the quality of soil.

Ayush Kumar:

Hello friend.

I am not agree with banned polythene. Because banned a polythene than many workers Job are destroy and industry stop.

If we banned a polythene than use a paper bags that causes cut many trees and make a new factory for make a paper bags and much money distroy and grow Up poliuton.

Girish Kumar:

Hi, friends.

Now, I'm telling about Polythene bags.

In my point of view, Polythene bags are Must be bane because of many animals are dying in the eating wastage of that Polythene or plastic bags. Therefore bane of plastic bags is correct decision by the government.

Ajith Kumar K:

Hi, everyone.

I hope for polyethylene bags must be banned.

But it should not be a sudden decision by the government because it will affect the polyethene industries and results in unemployment of some people.

So we have to give a proper time for the industries and then after have to take serious action.

Sudden changes don't do anything.

Anamta Sheikh:

It may be a little difficult to imagine our life without polybags/polythene. Some of plastic can be recycled where's there is a non stop list of plastic which cannot be recycled. So I agree with plastic ban. Plastic is a curse on our life.


Good morning all.

"Polythene should not be banned totally but partially !" means if polythene will ban totally then the use of paper will increase which results in the deforestation as we'll require wood for paper obviously our trees will get punished for being a "TREE"

So ban the polythene partially that means we can make some bags using "POLYTHENE" and "PAPER" as a combination in which not fully polythene are used (non-biodegradable waste) as well as not fully paper are used (responsible for deforestation)!

This can be done for future as it is more efficient and better way to manage both non-biodegradable wastes and deforestation!


Yes, it needs to be banned because polythene is non-biodegradable it doesn't get degrade easily. By burning polythene a lot of smoke appears that causes air pollution. But in my opinion we cannot think our lives without polythene bags so I will suggest that we should minimise the use of polythene bags. We should carry jute bags instead of carrying polythene bags.

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