Manisha Samota:

It is necessary for banning polythene bags because our environment is polluting day by day. So the government had taken the right decision by banning the polythene bag. The shopkeepers also think about it. They should not give the polythene bag to the seller.


Km. Anjali Prajapati:

Hello everyone.

We are discussing the topic "polythene bags must be banned" which becomes a major problem for human being and animals as well.

In my opinion, this should be banned but the alternative of this should be encouraged.

There are so many reasons for the ban of polythene like most of the polythene waste are mixing in oceans and create problems for marine life. A lot of animals are eating polystyrene. When we eat these ocean fishes we are indirectly eating polythene.

These days everything including foods is wrapped in polythene and when these products are exposed to heat then dangerous chemical such as BPA released in food.

Like this, so many problems are generated by polythene.

There is a need for awareness to people and everyone should think about it.

It is a responsibility to every human being to clean our planet.

We can use biodegradable plastic, paper bags, cotton bags etc instead of polythene.

So my conclusions are polythene should be banned and replacement should be provided.

Thank you.


No not necessary.

Because as citizens of Indian, what is our responsibility to not use it. If these kinds of compromises did not do by our people how we aspects the development of any country. Everyone knows it. It s harmful for animals, earth, environment, people's so I think it is a very small thing so not need to ban it's our responsibility.

Poison also kill the humans but anyone not demanding for the ban. Acid is used on people but no one is not demanding to stop manufacturing this, why polythene.

So I think it's our responsibility to not use, not the government.

There are paper bags, and cotton bags available why we are not buying these things.

If everyone is trying to pollute the environment then I am asking why the government have to spend money to clean it why. And what is your responsibility? So no need to ban it people are cheep mentality they are going to do this again and again.



Ban of polythene is necessary but at some places because polythene is harmful but as well as useful too. We should avoid polythene bag where we can avoid it. We should use the polythene bags with the motto reduce reuse recycle which means that reduce the use of polythene bags reuse and also recycle it properly.

Naushin Fatema:

Yes, it must be banned because it is very harmful to our environment. But although we use plastic bags. Nowadays everything is wrapped in the plastic bags and it harms to our body. Many people died by this only. It causes many harmful bacteria and etc. By us, many animals also died. So, I am requesting you all not to use polythene bags.

Thank you.


Polythene bags are made of non-renewable resources and are petroleum based. They consume a large amount of heat when fabricated. They come in lightweight and are manufactured in large amount. No one stops manufacturing unless we stop using them. They don't give up since that's how they make money.

It's up to us to use paper covers, jute eco-friendly bags. They don't damage easily and degradable. Polythene may or may not banned but can be replaced by educating everyone. We arent only destroying our atmosphere but also our fellow living beings like cows. Cows don't know the taste and eat covers along with food. We are the reason for all these environmental imbalances. It's just a matter of second to take a jute bag and go for buying. Govt must ban polythene since we can't do anything about shopping malls giving off plastic bags.

Divya Chakravarti:

Good evening, everyone, this is Divya and my conclusion is that polythene bags must should be bannned.

As we know that polythene bags must be banned because it is creat pollution and it is not good for health if we not use polythene so automatically the polythene will be banned I know that is is not stop suddenly but we can try FIRST WE NEED TO CHANGE OURSELVES THEM ONLY WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD if we bring something on polybags and after that we can throw the polythene outside than the animals are came and eat the polythene. Eat and die.

Thank you.

Indereep Singh:

Hello, Everyone.

Polythene bags must be banned!

We know that polythene is not good for environments as well any living things on the planet. The only way to stop the polythene bags usage that is to stop the whole manufacturing factoring and else working place where polythene makes. Along with help those peoples who want to stop the usage of polythene bags.

All Government patty said to not using the polythene bags why they never stop the factoring making those polythene bags. If that not possible then give the free papers bags to the whole shops to use it instead of polythene bags providing by government If they want people to stop the polythene bags usage or else low taxes sale on the papers bags that might be people's will start to using these types of bags.

Too much harmful the facking polythene bags. I think if government Focus on that things instead of election the might be peoples shop the usages of these type of bags.

Note: That's time will come soon, when we need skin coverage as will mask need to help survive on the planet. If Government Will not resolve the issue of this problem.

Jyothi L:

Hi I'm Jyothi.

As per my opinion, that govt should take responsibility of polythene.

In my point of view, it's our responsibility to minimize the usage of plastic or polythene. If we decrease the usage of polythene automatically the plastics will be banned. For example, nowadays 10 rs coin is not using anywhere and no one is accepting it in groceries and shops why because we are not using that coin same as if we stop using polythene bags automatically the plastic will be banned. I know that suddenly stopping the usage of plastics is difficult but we can try to do.

It is our responsibility to take care of our environment clean.

Thank you


No need to ban polythene bags because polythene bags are 100% recyclable to fuels for which we have established a company to do it.