Kritika Kapoor:

It is true that when human beings face problems they come together. We can take many instances to prove that. In October 2013, Cyclone Phailin hit Andhra Pradesh and Odisha and caused immense damage. When such a calamity befell India, people of India came forward to help their fellow citizens.

Funds started pouring in from all parts of India and many organizations such as the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation and Google came forward to offer their help. It is sad to note that only when problems arise do people show care and concern to their fellow citizens.

Religion-Everyday we can see one column in newspaper covering the act of violence on the name of religion. People have the tendency to kill each other on the name of religion.


In my view, all the religions are same. I don't know why these people are always fighting with religions.



Every person has problemS. Every day we face a lot of problems, we can't expect mankind without problems but when we start facing them that tells how much we are strong in our problem solving skills.

All people pray for the same god in different types of religions when god is showing no difference then why should people show difference in the name of religion. God is only one. God sees only the dedication that we show towards him no matter in which religion we are. India is a pool of religions. When problems arise in India then all the religions unite, become one and start solving the problems. The religion does not divide the people divide it is up to us in which way we choose. So, believe in unity in diversity.




Problems unite us is true and it shows the humanity is alive inside us. People come forward to help each other and at that time religion is not considered. At the need of time its our unity which gives help and strength to the needy.

Religion is not for dividing, its a way of living and each and every religion should be respected. In all the religious books we learn the same lesson and it teaches us that we all are child of one god and therefore we should never discriminate on basis of religion.


To some extent, it is the harsh reality. Whenever we face problem especially if there are some disputes or differences from some other countries we stand united which is actually a good thing but where our unity vanishes while dealing with problems within our country.

Whenever some problems arise we don't give attention to that what was the reason behind it, why this happened what we want to know first is religion of that person or group due to which problem arose. And then we start blaming that oh he or they did so because he is from this religion and his religion does not teaches equality and respect or anything else.

This is very illogical thinking from people's side. How can anyone relate anyone's wrongdoing with his religion? No religion wants its follower to be rude or bad or commit a sin. Every religion has the same idea, all are same it's only the people who have created all difference.

Hence in order to maintain tranquillity and peace in our country and world, we must not fight in name of religion, we must stand together and face all problems unitedly.

Siya Maheshwari:

All face problems in their life. When the same problem happens with us and other people then without seeing religion and all. We help each other. It's really good. But when we are not suffering from problem and we see others suffering. Then we have no effect on ourselves. Here we see person's religion instead of helping him.

And I think religion does three things very effectively:.

It divides people.
It controls people.
It deludes people.

So we must cross the lines of religion and for humanity, we should help each other in any problem. Nd should live peacefully.

Because religion doesn't give us a right judgement of a person.

So don't judge people by their religion. All are ours. Help each other.

Akash Nigam:

Hi guys,

I am Akash Nigam and I think this is life biggest truth. As we all know in any type of problem weather it is related to politics or natural catastrophe humanity will stand together face it as a united world, which is actually the work of the religion to make the world where people live in peace and unity. As I think what if we make the problem of our new religion and one who causes this problem will become our god because as of now in every religion god is just like art that is perfected by human day by day which is not gonna cause any good.


Whenever we hurt the first thing comes to our mind a word "MAA".

This simply means that whenever we are facing some problem we need help, irrespective of caste religion, sex, creed.

We should help people in any situation after all we all are creatures of god. Religion should not come into the picture for the help if other people. So I am going for the motion.

Narendra Meena:

Yes. It's true that when a man faces the problem then at that time only a human beings help them, they don't see the religion for helping the others. So problems unite us.

Javed Ansari:

According to me.

Religion is one of most problem to divided humanity. Every person believes to God and God says to live unit and any problem face to together. I think God is only one. Human is divided for own purpose.

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