Yes, definitely problems unite us. But religion divides us as there are many clashes on religious issues between community like ram mandir and babri masjid case, but when it comes to national issues like women empowerment and safety and provision of clean drinking water and electricity everywhere, then everyone no matter belonging to which religion, will come up and take proper necessary actions. And most important political parties are including communal issues like ram mandir case in their propaganda to gain votes of particular sect or community which shows that the country is divided by religion.

Ruchi Singh:

Hello everyone, according to me, problem unites us but religion divides us is completely wrong. Lets take the incident of Pulwama attack where 44 soldiers has been killed by Jaish e Mohammed who was Muslim but inspite of that Indian Muslim are also against him and protesting Pakistan they said they are Indian first and all Hindu Muslim come together and they pray for the families who were lost their husband, son, brother in Pulwama attack.

Naveena D:

Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously, problems unit us, Religion divides us. If any problems came, peoples are coming together. This good one. But we are allowed to divide the religions. Indians are sisters and brothers. So every people have own their relationship to any other culture peoples. So, we should always allow religions are the same for people. Indians are common for any religion people.


Freedom fight against Britishers by Indians is best example of this sentence. Our forefathers knew importance of unity and achieved freedom for us. So everyone be united.


Yes, it's true that problems unite us and religion divides us.

The better example of it is the massive floods of Kerala. There, people belonging to Muslims had attended their Eid namaz in a temple and Hindus had slept in Madarsa for few days.

So, I can conclude that if any problem came then only our eyes will be opened and become blind while in daily life.


I can't agree with this statement " Problems unite us, Religion divides us". We can't understand the religion. How many of us read and clear understanding of any religious scriptures? Without reading, we can't make any judgement about religion. Today's generation only remembers the name of religion and misinterpret religion using their own perception. Politics use religion as a tool to divide us and take advantage of vote bank politics. We have an only imagination about religion means follow the only dress code or certain rituals. That's not all. Religion exists for enlightenment and peace. Without these two things we can't solve any problem in the world.

Ayesha Kumari:

Religion can be one of the major reason to unite the people of India. Let's make religion our strength and not our weakness. India being a secular country, though we follow different religions yet our motives indirectly lead to our unification.

Nitesh Sharma:

Problems are the same for all the people of various Religions, all top of it every single person have their own method to deal with the problems. I must say we shouldn't see a person by their religion, culture, race, or background. We must have to understand the human being nature with consciousness. Religion may be differ from each other but we cannot denied the existence of human being is the same. We must have to find out the truth of our existence rather than to follow our religious gurus/ self-styled icons. We are just more of dust and need to understand and respect ones culture and religion.


This is one of the best topics for a group discussion.

Generally, a religion is important for every individual in the aspect of worshipping their own gods. This will pave way for faith and confidence in every individual. But this religion should be concerned only to an individual's personal feelings. If we want to expose this to the world, then the problem of superiority arises between the people.

The best example for the unity of the religions is the INDIAN army. In the border, there is no religion and language barriers, they all fight for the country.

Pallavi Kar:


It is true that problem unites us and religion divides us. But I think we have to come across this line of religion for humanity, after all we all humans so humanity comes first. We have to help people during their hard time and we also ask for help to solve any problem. Suppose if any one needs blood for sever bleeding we ask our neighbors and friends who are in our contact at that point of time peoples came together to help that person. At that point of time, we forgotten about religion. So, I think religion can't divides us. Problem and Religion all units us. We know that some political persons and some bigoted person divides people in the name of religion but it is the responsibility of youths to remove this type of problem by raising voice.