Chandan Kumar:

Since every country has their own language, so it is a necessity of our country to opt a national language. But our country has big diversity in custom, religion, caste, as well as a language so it is difficult to choose any language as national language. Hindi is spoken much more than another language so Hindi is a right choice. If people from different parts of our country learn English, speak English then why not Hindi? If Hindi became national language then riots, fight on language stopped all country men feel only one language people Hindibhasi. Interstate communication through documental as well as verbal become easy. People from every part of the country do not face problem during transfer as well as adaptation. So I think Hindi must be an official language.

Om Prakash:

In my opinion, Yes, Hindi should be the official language of India because.

(1). Official language does not refer to the language used by a people, while official language is the language used in government (i.e court, parliament. Etc). And in India's court and parliament, Hindi language is used.

(2). Each state of India has it's own mother' language. So we need one official language which we all understand. And Hindi language is widely used or spoken by most of the people (or 80% of the people) of India.

(3). India is also known as "Hindustan" and the word "Hindustan" indicate that the India is the land of Hindi speaking people even the people are educated or not.

(4). The Hindi language is at a fifth position.

Yashodha Bilagi:

Of course, Hindi should be National Language. I am a South Indian and I prefer Hindi more than the English with all the people. Majority of Indians are comfortable with Indians. So, there is no point of objection.

Shedha Salim:

In my opinion Hindi should be a official language of India. Majority of India use Hindi as a language for the communication. Compared to other language Hindi is very easy to understand. English considered as a global language. It is necessary to maintain foreign relationships. I am a keralian. In my highersecondry I took Hindi as my second language. Now a days majority of students in Kerala use Hindi as a second language. Because we try to respect our official language.


Yes. The Hindi language should be the official language of India.

Because in India, mostly, people were comfortable in Hindi and they were mostly communicating with Hindi.

Why should we make English language or other language officials?

In India 7 out of 10 people can understand and speak English but what about English people? Are they understand and speak Hindi? I think 1-2 of them are able to understand speak Hindi.

So we have to proud to speak in Hindi.


According to census of 2012 only 40% of india's population knows hindi. So hindi should not be the national language of India.

Pankaj Nagar:

According to my opinion Hindi and English both are equally preferable by the Indians but as a Indian I also prefer Hindi language because it is easy to understand as well easy to communicate. Basically, both the languages have its own place and people feel comfortable with their own languages. So its not the point that Hindi should be the official language of India. Official language should be decided on that what people talk easily and comfortably.

Rohini Sahota D/O Mr.Rajkumar Sahota:

As we all know very well, there are different languages speak in India in different states. But Hindi is very easy, understandable, and comfort language. Even our India is also called Hindustan. So, in my opinion, Hindi should be the official language of India as well as other state languages. But we should use English language only for professionally, or some language difference conditions. Hindi is the language that touches our heart.

I want to say one more thing, that Hindi is the only language which makes our identity as Hindustani. Nowadays I have assumed much time a person who talks only Hindi does not seem educated or professional. While it is nothing like that because English is not our birth language so our education does not belong to learn this language. It is only a language. Please just try to think my sentence, if a five or eight year old Indian child began to speak in English then, should we think that he is educated. Lets come to the point I said, Hindi should be the official language of India but other languages also be official in their states. Every and each person of Indian states should have right to speak their language freely.

Thank You.

Ayushi Srivastava:

The thing that we first need to understand is that language is just the expression of speech, it is what one speaks and what other understands. Every culture has its own language, there is no harm in making hindi the official language of hindustan. Hindi is in the name of hindustan itself.

Learning other languages is what embraces one's peesonality, enhances the abilities, but what the actual need is that people should not forced to learn a particular language. It should depend on people's own Will.

The mindset of considering a person inferior and 'gawar' who if he or she doesn't know english should be changed.


Hindi is an India language. Hindi is a national language. It's proud for Indian. It is also rich in culture and heritage. Every nation has its own official language. Everyone used to speak the Hindi language.

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