Everyone has their opinion and I appreciate their point of view but according to me, I think we should not play National anthem in the cinema hall because of many reasons.

First and there for the most thing is that National anthem is not a normal song it represents our country so it should not be played under the roof. It should be played in an open area.

Secondly, Whenever someone goes to the cinema hall everyone has their hearts and minds into the movie. At the time No one is interested in the national anthem. So even if it played. It will be just disrespecting the national anthem because no one is interested in listening to the national anthem. So even if it is played in the Hall and everyone is standing just for the sake of it and they are mind is in the movie and they are not singing it from within. Then it's total of no use.

Thirdly, We are living in that time. In which every movie is the same and positive which have all the good things in it. Some movie includes many vulgar scenes and songs. Item songs and many other things. And people come to watch those things with that mind. So it's just Disrespecting the NA. So just playing the national anthem and making people sing it forcefully is not a better option.

Instead what government should do is to make it compulsory to play national anthem in all the organization school colleges. Both (private and government) offices whenever they start the new day.



I think that national anthem must be played before the movie in the cinema halls. As per my point of view, we are spending a lot of time in lots of activities but we never feel the need to give our 52 seconds of a day to give respect to our nation. As far as if we will say that it is a place of entertainment and nobody wants to sing national anthem there forcefully then it means that they had sung the national anthem in the schools also forcefully.

The second thing is that if we are not feeling any problem in standing for long for getting popcorns then we must not feel any problem in standing for 52 seconds for singing our national song. As you will say that the senior citizens will face difficulty in standing then it is meaningless as even the physically unable people who do not have legs to stand sings the national anthem, then why not they?

So, according to me, if we are giving excuses for avoiding to stand just some seconds to show the respect towards our country, then we do not have the right to be known as the citizen of India.

Rimpi Banerjee J:

Hello everyone.

We must play national anthem in CH because most of the cinema halls don't approach such patriotic things like lower level of cinema halls, the Govt must take such steps towards them, parents never feel safe to send their child in such places where they don't show respect, and when we used to sing the national anthem in school, no one stand against NA as we loved to spend more time in such things more than studies, and when it started in cinema halls any are there to refuse to go there, even you go with the family, girlfriend, wife where their such respect is shown everyone feel safe and for that time they remember our brave soldiers.


Prasanna M:


The national anthem played in a cinema hall is a nowadays more discussing topic because some people don't have an interested to play national anthem in cinema hall because some are not showing respect because of this reason some people not ready to play the national anthem.

In my opinion government order all pvt Ltd and Ltd companies to play national anthem in their premises before starting their work daily because according to my point of view all can listen daily national anthem irrespective of country all my companies employee can give atleast 2 minutes time to show respect to my national song and its mandatory for all people in government upto age of retirement.

Suggestions to the government of India:

According to me you pass order to all people and organisations to give at least 2 minutes time to play national anthem because all play national anthem in 15th August in companies it shows how they show respect because of this company can take it like daily routine for showing strength to another country because some government officials cannot give respect to national anthem.

Thank you.


Hello friends.

According to me, Playing national anthem in the cinema hall is the wrong step from the supreme court. Cinema hall is not the perfect place to play the national anthem.

Some rules regarding singing of National anthem were started. The national anthem should always be sung in an open area under the sky.

The national anthem and it's playing time is approximately 52 seconds. The national anthem is also played on certain occasions only.

Md.Arbaz Sharif:

According to me, national anthem not playing in the Cinema Hall.

Because national anthem plays in open place, not under the roof.

And people are going to the cinema hall for enjoying movies, they should not be we forced to listen to national anthem it will reduce their personal freedom.

Pranav Bhandari:

Yes, it should be mandatory to sing the national anthem in cinema, because people do not get time to sing national anthem because of the busy schedule. They can't take out 52second of their day.

Sanchit Bansal:

According to me, national anthem should not play in cinema halls because national anthem plays in open place not an under the roof. In cinema halls people come for enjoyment and entertainment. If national anthem play in cinema hall and people don't stand, it is insult our national anthem.

Prashant Singh:

Hello Everyone,

According to me National Anthem should be played in Cinema halls as we know nowdays people are so busy in there life that they have no time to think for martyers and our soldiers most of we even can't sing the whole national anthem. And if we can stand in a que for tickets and popcorns than its our duty to stand for our national anthem. If just by standing 52 sec give you a patriotic feeling and enery you must stand. I have read some people arguing that you cannot force national anthem than what these people will say about school in every school daily national anthem is sung so in there view it is forcefully done?

Shaikh Saddam:

First and foremost, Patriotism should not be instilled forcefully or we can not impose it on someone. The love for nation comes through heart, and our nation has great heritage where our thousand of people sacrificed their lives for sake of nation and it's solidarity. We chant national anthem in respect of nation and its culture and history, school, colleges begin there work by playing anthem, almost in all government offices it has been done.

Secondly, theatre is not a official government property, people come there by paying money to get entertainment and refreshment from their daily hectic schedule. We cannot force them to stand them because mind set in almost different, and if we do so then we are imposing forcefully on people. This should not be done and it's not parameter to judge someone nationalism.