Shalini Tomar:

In my opinion, national anthem should not be played in cinema halls. Our anthem is pride of our country, it is meant to reflect the strength of out nation, that needs to be expressed in open air, not under a roof. Singing national anthem means the sound should reach the people who are not singing it, and their heart and soul should get energized up for their country.

Rishabh Gupta:

No, I think National Anthem should not be played in cinema halls. First of all, the feeling of patriotism comes from within and it cannot be forcefully applied. Moreover, instead of playing National Anthem in the cinema halls where double meaning jokes and comedies take place, it can be played at other formal places like before proceeding with the parliament session or before a train or a flight journey.


We are finding the new possibilities of survival in space to get other planets for HUMAN.

People who believe how to give and maintain the respect of national anthem by not to be played in such places like cinemas etc. I agree with them.

It smells fishy who is going to get the benefit out of it.

Aryan Singh:

Hi, I am Aryan Singh.

As I know that National Anthem should not play in cinema Halls, it's the place of amusement, Look Differ category of movies release like B grade movie, should us watch the movie B grade after research of the national anthem. Patriot is shown by feelings, love, and should us do something for society, give it to India pride things. Due it people remind us not by standing in cinema halls at the play of national anthem.

But, National Anthem is being played at many theatres. SC has now made it mandatory for all the theatres. The move has not gone down well for some people but the majority have no objections. No move can appease all, there will always be some who oppose. SC must have considered squarely before pronouncing such compulsion. Those who are against it can voice and cite reasons for its better implementation.

India has many colors but when all stand up for the national anthem, it reminds sense of unity. The theatre is a few place where we as a family stand up for our National Anthem.


I will be going on this topic because we are Indians and I feel proud to be an Indian. In case of entertaining ourself we forget our duty. Away from entertainment we never try to get some time for cleaning our country but while seeing the movie the food or popcorn rapper we threw it their. If you ask anyone to say about cleaning he or she can but in work nothing so we should be patriotic.


Hi I am Sameer.

According to me, National anthem should not be played in cinema hall because It's not an appropriate place same as that of bars and pubs were we just visit for purpose of amusement. Instead, there are other viable options likes colleges political leader rally which can create a sense of patriotism before starting study and speech in case of political rallies.

Akansha Soni:

I am totally against playing national anthem in cinema halls. Cinema halls are not the place where we have to show our feelings nd respect towards our country. Respect should come from heart and as well respect and love come in a place where we feel the spark of patriotism. Playing national anthem in cinema halls carry no sense. Cinema halls are the place where people come to spend time and have some fun with there friends and family but not to show the feeling of harmony and integrity.

Sumit Kumar:


Why not? We all are INDIANS. Can't we show some Respect to our National identity for barely 52 seconds. Peoples who says that we should not play National athem in cinema halls, as it is a place for entertainment and all other stuff. Let me clarify, you all can stand for hours and hours in the cricket matches to boost up your favorite cricketer, to show your nationalism mostly when it is in between us and pakistan. So can't you stanfd for a minute, whats the problem in this, you are not paining your mood is not changing if you are standing for a minute, so stop behaving like a childrens and have some respect for the national identiy our National anthem and our national flag.


I don't know why people can't stand for even 52 seconds of time, it's our motherland. We have the time to watch the movie for 3 hours but we didn't have the time to stand. Yes, it's our duty to show respect to our national anthem.

Rohit Nautiyal:

Hello there. I think that playing National anthem in cinema Halls is not a bad thing. The. Anthem is for the nation and it depends on the perceiving nature of human to interpret the meaning. Whenever I am in cinema hall to watch a movie, the national anthem reminds me that, " Boy you are safe. We the soilders are protecting you. " This thought makes me happy and thankful to at least stand up and pay a heart respect to the angels protecting our nation and there is nothing wrong by doing this.

One more thing I would like to add is that barely after our schooling we have heard national anthem every day. What was your last time you heard the National anthem. Maybe the answer will be in a " CINEMA HALL" only.

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