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According to me, the whole education system shouldn't be changed as it will take a lot of time to be accessible and understandable to all so. I think some major changes should be done example including the practical knowledge and skills, giving less homework and project work to students and students should be marked according to their abilities not only by the marks scored in some peculiar subjects.

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Shradha Goyal:

Yes, we need to reform our Education System. We can give love and affection to our children but not our thoughts and opinion. They have their own aspirations in life. We should not impose our wishes on them.

Ye Boi:

OFCOURCE it is needed. One thing is clear from our education system is that the students are competing for marks and not for improving practical knowledge.

It's us who have created our society like this, our thinking, our greed for marks. Our parents want us to score good marks no matter how much we study, why nobody asks for students interest? why nobody asks for how much Knowledge students have? why People judge us for our marks


I hope present education system should be changed. Nowadays most of the educational institutions run for the money, for lkg student fee nearly more than 1 lakh. How a middle-class man can educate their child. So I thought we should change our present education system.

Naveena D:

Hai Friends.

According to me, obviously we should change our education system in our country. Because of only many institutions are focus in how to get marks in that particular subject. They are not teaching about the subjects. So we should change our education system for not scoring high marks only focus about the learning in subjects.

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Well, I think it should be, see as a student this is just not my emotion but also it is requirement of current situation, we as a student simply doesn't have that kind of practical skills & knowledge, put aside about latest technologies, we are studying a hell years old syllabus, & specifically for science student, it doesn't matter if you will be in big/ small company, you should have at least basic & little amount of technical knowledge, which we are simply lacking in my opinion.

Shri Paul Sharma:

Today's life has changed but India's education system has not changed.

As per my opinion, The British system of education has been running from the 18th century in which Lord Macaulay had a plan to rule over India so he ended the ongoing education system that created the sense of love, harmony, fraternity and patriotism in the mind of every citizen so Lord started a new education system and introduced new education that proved against Indian ancient education. This Lord education system was only to produce clerk for the services of Britishers who ruled over the country.

Even today, after 70 years of independence, the education system has not changed much. Though the government machinery of India is aware of this education system it does not want to improve itself and the children in schools are being taught about the same two hundred years of old education. Although today's life has changed India's education system has not changed so far, due to which India still remains an underdeveloped country.

In the current education system, 8-10 years old children are being taught many subjects like social, history, English, accounting, Hindi, regional language, geography, drawing, science etc from the first class to the fifth grade.

It is interesting that this system, of putting the knowledge of all subjects in the minds of the students in the fifth class, has closed them in their houses to cram books in a way that no one can complete his schooling work from 6am to 7pm. The children have to attend tuitions as soon as they come back from school to complete syllabus.

That is why; many students are wearing glasses because cramming books and pressure to get highest marks is making their eyesight weak. The parental and peer pressure to excel in academics, to become future doctors and engineers, leaves little scope for the overall development of children and has obscured their thinking power.

The lack of vocational training and practical knowledge make it difficult for toppers to adjust in society when they pass out. On the contrary, the average students have an edge over them in real life.

The little children are unnecessarily burdened with so many subjects which leaves little time for them to play and contribute to society till the age of 17. But As soon as the students pass school and join college the number of subjects decrease.

In the present era, the children have access to the Internet. They can immediately Google whatever questions or answers they have to find. Therefore, the infiltration of different subjects in the minds of school children has to stop.

The students should be taught to love the nation, play sports, live harmoniously in society, respect elders and stop bribery by dishonest officers in the government department and how to catch them. They should also be taught to raise voice against adulteration of food items, greedy doctors indulging in unethical practices and the police not doing its duty properly.

The students should be brought as responsible citizens who assist tax authorities about the income of their neighbour earned through wrongful means. They should be educated to bring to the notice of administration the potholes are on the broken public roads and about legal remedies available to claim their rights.

The students should be given moral education to check rising incidents of crime in the society. The quality and standard of education should be raised so that the children need not go abroad to study. Besides, the children should be taught the true meaning of religion and cautioned against blindly the following self-proclaimed God mans.

By following the above approach we can bring peace and prosperity in our country and create a sense of love and harmony with each other.

Lord Macaulay introduced the education system that is still followed in our country is not for the benefit of a native citizen. It was implemented to eliminate the overall growth of students. Therefore, unless we provide basic education to our children as per the present education system till 12th class, there will be no awareness in our nation. It is possible only when we finish the Macaulay education system in India.


Yes, we have to change Indian education system because India is a developing country if India wants to develop they make their own products like make in India so it should be develop.

Rohit Rajput:

Hello friends!

Education is one basic right for everyone it helps in to gain knowledge and improve personality.

Definitely, the education system in India should be changed. Because in today world everyone wants to more money because of this some rich people open the education institute. Wher they focus only on the reputation of their institutes, not on the students? To improve their reputation they make pressure on students which leads sometimes into suicide. Today institutes give theoretical knowledge to students which is the cause of low thought process.

Siddhant Tiwari:

I think the current examination system needs to be improved not changed or replaced.

We must not forget that ours is a large country with millions of children, so rather than focussing on infrastructure government aims to provide education. Changing the education system cannot be changed easily. It will have large-scale implications.