Yes. I feel education system in India is really poor and below average. First of all, it needs to be made sure that quality and affordable education is reaching the poor in our country. Secondly, English learning should be made available to the students of each section of the country. Thirdly, more emphasis should be given to digital learning as the world is changing so is the minds of children. All these would help children improve their skills and efficiency. Thank you.

Sonia Panwar:

Yes, I do feel that changes should be made in the education system as we can see in schools that students just learn thing's and give exams, only theoretical knowledge is taught to them. They are lacking in practical knowledge. In China, people are much ahead in terms of technology only because they are taught practical things more from starting only. So we should also put much emphasis on practical knowledge. Also, education reach is not at rural areas, also no computer labs are there, lack of facilities, these all should be improved.


It would be possible because it would require huge investment and it will increase school fees.

So, middle-class family children would not be able to study.

Changes you want in education are already implemented in the varous schools across our country.

But their fees is in lakhs or above 50000.

I think first we should increase earning per capita than we can think about this.

One solution can be this;.

If this facility all you are talking about providing by the government at a low fee.

Ziya Rizon:

The Education system must be changed. Today education system is focused on mark basis rather on practical observation. Students are trained to memorise the answer and should write in their exams. This kind of educational system is not beneficial to students in any way. Students who are a topper in classes are very much weak in practical knowledge. They must be taught on real time experiments. Mark is important, but their IQ level is very much low. In an interview, they suffer a lot. Lack of communication skill, technical knowledge, general knowledge etc. Students must be known all about this, it is a necessary one. The Education system must be changed for the benefits of students. Thank you.

Rohan Karankot:

I don't think so we have to change the present education system because it helps us to mould in all the directions for eg:if we have the submission process and the dead line is near then we can manage it here we can develop our time management skill not only this, this just one example like this there are many other example too.


Yes, the education system of our country should be changed as our schools n colleges give most of the preference to theoretical knowledge instead of giving importance to practicals. Theoretical knowledge is also important as we get to know about the basic things but it is useless until we don't get it into practice. When we compete in the real world we failed because of lack of practice, at that time we might know what to do. But we don't know how to do the task in a perfect way. We lack in practicals because of lack of facilities provided to us, so when we get proper labs, well-maintained equipment, we should be perfect in every aspect and also practicals should be done simultaneously with the theoretical study.


Yes, I prefer more an practical applications rather than class room studio.

Vipul Malik:

I think that education system of my country should be changed. Past history should be changed and concentrate only experiment things. In Japan, there are only 30% theoretical study material and 70% experimental. But in India just opposite. So we can say that present system of education in our country should be changed.


In my opinion, all of the schools are not like that, but in some schools are improved a lot in way of thinking And Way of teaching.

In some government and some private schools changing the system.

And the present education system in some schools are only person marks purpose. But they don't want to think that after the school age children will not to improve their levels.

And not to think in carefully about that subject. Every people will be reading which questions are told by their teachers. And not to think in our own ways.

Children will be thinking in their own ways that thing is good are bad, but in our present education system will be lost there ability.

So our present education system will be developed in some what.

Not to telling by teachers and also have some practical knowledge by using seeing the digital classes on their particular subject.

Karthik Kv:

I believe the education system of our country is outdated.

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