The storngest weapon India is youth. The youth are capable of do so many things. They know about the new technology. But they don't have take right decision at the spot time. Seniority is important in politics according to me, youth with the under the guidance of senior politicians then India definitely developed country but not a develop ing country.


In youth politics which is more important educated youth people reverse Indian position remove the unemployment and corrostion.


Youth in politics is a great step towards change India old mindset that old party have more experience about politics. We know that this time what youth face in daily life is unemployment and corruption. This only happened when already Sata Dhari party involved in this activity. If someone does complain against them not right action took. But if youth came in politics than corruption and unemployment remove as possible as. They have ground knowledge and what needs how to remove they already find out.

S.Akshay Makaraaj:

Hello everyone,

I'm Akshay.

In my opinion, youth in politics is very essential because they are highly educated and will have a mind that is ready to serve everyone but the thing is the mindset of the people, some of the youngsters participate in the election but will get least votes and the uneducated politicians get votes only because of his party as it longs for many years. But if the mindset of the people changes and the educated youngsters get a chance to rule the country, the country will move in the path of prosperity without any corruption.

Thank you.


Hi, Sir. My opinion is nowadays the youngest is an unemployed person in our country. They have more knowledge and they work very hard and it's a very good thing but some proverb says old is gold I mean experience people's known what is right for the all-state people's. If we trained younger than see what happens in INDIA. Thank you.

Govind Bhidasari Nagauri:

I am Govind.

In my views, Youth in politics is a very important topic. In India highest youth all over the world. The youth a fresh & active to take decision fast & accurately.

Thank You.


Saurabh Kumar:

Hello everyone,

Today's topic is youth in politics. I think that every youth from their childhood should be aware of our present politicians as well as their working field. Every youth should take an interest in politics as it will not enhance their knowledge but also learned their social responsibility. We are in the 21st century and youth is dominated over the total population of old people. So I think youth should come in.

This field.

Thank you!

Sai Moturi:

I opinion that it is the need of the day that youth should step into politics where they can impact the political system in a positive way. Actually, India is a democratic country where people are given the power to choose their leader who is " For the people, of the people, by the people ". But the people are digging their own pits by electing corrupted and who cares for himself but not for the society. As youth are well educated and are aware of the problems and mainly 50% of the population consists of youth. So, finally, I opinion that talented and educated youth along with experienced old can greatly impact Indian products greatly.


India has a strongest weapon that is its youth. It has about 50% of the total population as youth and if given proper opportunity and accessibility to participate in Indian political system. It will surely have a positive impact on not only for the individual growth but also for the overall development of the country. As youth is known for being well advanced in education, compatible with the advanced technology and full of new ideas, when mixed with experienced politicians will lead to right balance and cleansing of political system.


According to me, Youth in politics could be dangerous for the country. They will adopt quick decisions that might or might not be suitable for the country. Old and experienced people have the capabilities of handling such situations. They are much more experienced and have seen the world with a more wide mind. Therefore, youth in politics should not be involved.