I think it is beneficial to them who are using it in a good way, for good work that means for them it will not cause any problems.

Second, the thing is many peoples always saying that "why these mobile and other electrical devices came? ".

From there point of view that is also right because they can only see "everywhere everyone is busy in mobile " " when someone calls them they are not even in the state of listening "basically they are addicted to that particular device.

Then Obviously, it will not that worthy.

But those who are taking full advantage of it will surely get their benefits.

So lastly yeah, It has both the sides but for me, it is one way towards the success of India.


By seeing today's scenario after the introduction of digitization, we can say that it improves our life to a higher extent and also helps in the economic development of the country.


1. It helps to save the environment By saving paper.
2. It is very useful for students who are unable to buy costly books.
3. we can save our time by doing our work on online services like banking, marketing, paying bills etc.
4. It helps to maintain transparency because most of the information's are available on the internet.
5. it also reduces the flow of black money from one country to another.


1. Private information gets easily leaked.
2. Hackers can easily steal money due to lack of strong private network system.
3. Without internet, you are unable to do anything.


A digitalisation is a good approach for citizens of our country.

1. It reduces time and standing in a long queue.
2. One can book a ticket online by apps like irctc and uts.
3. Transparency and monitors black money.
4. As today nearly 65% of people have access to the internet so it becomes easy for transferring money by e-services provided by all banks instead of going to bank or atm.

But it has one demerit its easy for hackers if awareness among masses about cybercrime is not sufficient but conventional robbery and theft reduces.

Abhishek Kumar:

Well, For now, Digital India might not be proven that much rewarding, but it surely will in the coming years. So who all are being benefited, only rich? I don't think so, I personally have witnessed many of my friends and relatives from my village having access to social media, not only gents but also ladies. I am not saying all of them but every household at least have more than 2 smartphone users. This clearly Indicates that people there are getting connected and updated through internet which is surely a good indication.

If anyone from a family is updated with news and information, it will widen his thinking.

We must understand that Digital India is not only limited to Digital payments and all.

The rate at which the rural population adapting the Digitalisation will surely benefit the whole society weather in terms of Payments, access to Information and technology or connecting with people around.


It has primarily benefiting the urban areas than rural areas.

Because lack of awareness and use of technologies.

They are more prone to get fooled.


Digital India just benefits the rich and not the poor, even to buy a small items on a road side shop we need cash. Just because making everything digital for tax concern we are making a poor suffer.


Digital India is a great initiative by the government. World needs digitization, so people need to upgrade themselves. Digital India is with a motive to go ensure that government services are made available to people around the country and through this internet connectivity is also provided to all the places around the country.

The government works which took many days to be done are now done in minutes by online. Some departments have published their websites by which people by sitting at home can do their work.

Digital India is also ensured to build a cashless economy.


Digital India it's proud to being called digitalize. Its totally beneficial for India because It will reduce time.

Yeah, its beneficial for pocket because its save lot of money.

We can do payment in few seconds.

But the cyber security is important.


India launched digital india, it is very useful for citizens, while transfering money from one account to another account and for that purpose we consume less time by using digital India. Citizens also used so many electronical networks for fast generation. Digital India is very useful for so many transactions and also it is taken less time. Digital India is used for tickets booking, buying clothes, and some other payments also paid by using digital India. There are some disadvantages also there in digital India that is some other people don't know how to use this in a proper way, so it is time taken to learn about digital India for uneducated persons, finally I said it is very useful for everyone and also our time saves while using digital India.


Digital India is a campaign launched by the Indian government to provide services electronically via the internet. Upsides might include:

1) Electronic transfer of money from one account to another.
2) Control the flow of black money as we can monitor the flow of digital money.
3) Easy government related services like registering a or getting the status of a complaint.
4) Saves paper, hence saving the environment.
5) Saves time.

While some downsides are:
1) Opening ourselves to hackers.