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Regarding the topics, I would like to say that yeah it's true that education is nothing more than a business nowadays. Parents are so blind and over possessive with their children's future that they would pay any price. How many educational institutions did you see that provides the best education with a lower fee? There are government schools but nobody wants to go there because off the quality of education. If you want quality in education, pay. That's the drive of today's education system.



Thanks for giving the opportunity to share my thoughts on this topic.

Nowadays educational institutions making profits than to a provide quality education. Education today is over 85 percent business oriented. They try to take fees as much as possible and hire the teachers for as less as possible. Because of this, there is lakh of students are without knowledge, job as of their qualification. So, according to me, the government should take a step to overcome this and to make an order to provide the best education, knowledge-based practical classes with free of cost.


In my opinion, education is going bad in day by day. Some middle-class family suffer a lot of problem with paying money to the school. So according to me, education is a business corporation still now.

Surender Pal:

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Yes, some of the education institute made this industry a business but yet there are many institutions which providing education as a service so that student can receive best education.

But somewhere we are also involved in it to making education Industry a business.


Yes! But why not, Education industry is a business as everyone on this planet here has come to earn money, & to gain knowledge or anything, you have to invest so, it is right to take money but without compromising on education quality, But education also means teachers should give equal opportunity by providing them scholarship for those students who cannot afford their fees and help them to make their future bright.


Hello everyone,

Education has become business due to an increase in more schools and institutes which are opened. The privatization of educational institutes also helped it to become from educational institutes to a business. The standard and quality of the education decreased due to more institutes and a lack of quality teachers. Teachers started concentrating only on those who understand things by themselves and others are left alone as in this fast moving and competing world.

Nowadays educational institutions are more for making profits than to a provide quality education. They try to take fees as much as possible and hire the teachers for as less as possible. Education has not only become costly but also a hot business. The most paid are the chances for most rewarded in terms of money and power. It has become the main goal for power holders to start colleges simply because of the reason it gives high returns.

But one question in my mind is that, Why are students opting out of India's government schools, which educate the poorest and most vulnerable students until the age of 14 for free, and migrating to fee-charging private institutions in such large numbers.

According to the Unified district information system for education (U-DISE) data, the belief among parents that private schools offer better value for money and better teaching than government schools.

Another fact shows that the Govt teachers earn more salaries than a private school teacher, but don't perform as well.

Government expenditure on education, as a percentage of the GDP, has been decreasing consistently. In 2016-2017, education expenditure was 2.6% of the GDP.

A common suggestion is increasing India's spending on education. Indian central government spending on school and higher education were less than other BRICS countries. However, increased government spending on education is not enough to improve educational outcomes.

India's education policy must be thoroughly revised to put in place better accountability and monitoring mechanisms to exploit the gains of increase in fiscal outlays on education.


Yeah, totally agree with this topic.

As we know the condition of the government School. Sometimes students is not present or sometime teacher. So the condition is very poor in government School (cheapest school). We forcely have to send our students to the private schools. Nowadays, 30-40% of the income of the middle-class family has spent in the schools. Schools are charging really a huge amount at the time of admission. Not only this, they are also linked with the shops like garments, book stall etc. And they are forcing parents to buy the stuff from that shop. So, they get benefited like 10-20%. That's how the today's education system works. Everything is a business nowadays.



Education sector is become one of the legal industry for earning money now a day's because all the private institute only gives emphasize on earning money instead of quality education. If we take example of engineering colleges there are Lots of engineering colleges running in India they give admissions to any student impact of these on the quality of engineer and increase large unemployment in India.

Shivam Kumar Saha:

Nowadays the Education system in our country is like a business. What the quality of education before and now is different because now the institution open for the money purpose not for education purpose. In every engineering college, the education system is nill and only fine for something they are taking. I will suggest the government To modify the syllabus according to the industry standard and see the corruption in the education field and take action. So the education system can increase and the development of our nation can also grow to the level.


Hello everyone.

I totally agree with this because of privatisation in education sector increase businesses oriented approach more than quality of education.

If we take example of school level we see lots of private school take fees in Lakh. Compulsion to students for things like school books, school dress, other school material student only buy it from school itself these approach is totally business oriented.

If we take example of higher studies like engineering colleges in engineering there are Lots of colleges open now a day's the effect of these is on quality of education and leads to increase unemployment in India they gives adimsission to very low scorer candidate. Because of these 90% percent of engineer remain unemployed.

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