Md Ashraf Ali:

Sir, I am a fresher I am not a qualified then how I can be overqualified. I will try to be knowledgeable then automatically I can be qualified. If I will be qualified then after sometimes I will become overqualified.

Saranyadevi P:

No, I feel that I'm the right person for this job.

Sonali Sunyani:

No sir.

I'm a fresher so how can I over qualified? I think I'm fit for this position.

Thank you.


I don't think so sir. My learning never ends and no one is perfect in this world.


Overqualified? Some would say that I'm not overqualified but fully qualified. With due respect, could you explain the problem with someone doing the job better than expected?

I'm here because this is a company on the move and I want to move up with you. With more than the minimal experience to just skim by, I offer immediate returns on your investment. Don't you want a winner with the skill sets and attitudes to do just that?

Shyam Sundor Adhikary:

I am a fresher. I could never be over qualified.

If you grant me a chance I may become perfectly qualified. But I think, learning never ends. I will get an ample chance to learn new things and have effective knowledge, which in turn would be beneficial to your company as well.

Linumol Varghese:

I'm not over qualified and I think l am qualified for this job.


No sir, I don't and if I do then I never come here to this interview sir.


No job is big or small. All it matters is how much important this job is to you. I am absolutely satisfied with the post I applied for.

Vinaya Arun Sonavane:

Though, I am qualified education wise certainly not over qualified, this is the best platform for me to become professionally qualified.

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