Deepanjal Mitra:

Yes, I like to work under pressure as we know that in schools or colleges the pressure is provided by our faculties to make our future if the company provides us with a pressure of work so I make my skill best.

Vishal Rana:

I think working under pressure brings us out of our comfort zone. It brings out of the box ideas and boost our energy levels. So, under proper guidance and support, I can bring out the best version of me under such conditions.

Riya Soni:

Yes, I can work under pressure because every person doing their work under pressure like doctor have pressure to saves the patient's life, children are doing studies under pressure they have the pressure of good results.

The pressure is necessary for everyone because without any pressure in employee life the employees are lazy towards their work.

When the employee is in under pressure they will be complete their work perfectly, actively and on time.


Yes, I will be ready to work in pressure. Because if I want to work in a company, I should ready to face all the circumstances.

Salman Varish:

Yes, I can. As it is habituated from college days.

Ujjawal Raj:

Actually, pressure boosts the speed of work that is being done by the person and that time he finds the best and easy way to do things and that is very good.

Ujjawal Dubey:

Yes, I can work under pressure because it's like a challenge and I love to accept challenges.


Yes, I can work in pressure situations.

Proper planning and execution is the key to success in pressure situations.


Yes, I can work under pressure because I love my work and also improve the work experience.


Yes'I can work under pressure. I believe little pressure is necessary to improve our performance. I can solve any problem for the pressure work.