Ujjawal Raj:

Well, according to me, it can be any company which has a motivating environment and where I can maximise my skills and can get a better future with that company.

And, I can job that have great opportunities for growth. And for me, location doesn't matter if I'm getting good things from that company and their location.

Priya Sharma:

My ideal company is specijet and location doesn't matter.

Megha Kenchareddi:

Well, my ideal company is the one which lets me grow, supports my ideas and corrects me when I am wrong.


My ideal company would be a place where your ideas are listened to and you get positive comments when you do good work and corrected in a constructive way when you do something wrong. The work place should be such that a person whether introvert or extrovert can work according to his personality.


Well, my ideal company is LEU technologies, car tracking installer.

When I was there I learned to manage time, work under pressure and to work as a team for developments of a company and myself.

P Vinay Kumar:

According to me, my ideal company is where my thoughts are accepted and appreciated and where I can increase my knowledge and develop myself along with the company's development.

B Kumar Sharma:

Ideal company should be like our family because your family does not think you are bad at all.

Sangeeth Sivam:

Well, according to me, the ideal company is the company which provides a healthy and motivated environment to their employees and give best opportunities to enhance their career. The ideal job is the job where the employee gets more benefits and opportunities to prove themselves. So where these conditions are present that is the best location for me.


My ideal company name Wipro, Pune, accountant.

According to my ideal company, firstly I will thank my ideal company, management and my colleagues.

I learned a lot of things like time management, work under pressure etc. I improved my skills and knowledge and better improvement.

Priyanshu Khandelwal:

An ideal company is the one which provides the healthy and good environment and a lot of opportunities for employees to do work.

The ideal job is where we get satisfaction. And applying my all knowledge.

The idea place where both things are available.