Abhishek Ojha:

Why is your company so much concerned about good pointers? That means you are thinking that those are having very good pointers are talented?

Ankit Sharma:

Thank you so much for giving the opportunity.

When can I join your company?


Thank you so much sir/mam, for giving me an opportunity to ask you questions. My question is what are the skills improvement for myself I need to focus on before joining your company. That all sir/mam.


Thank you for giving the opportunity sir/mam.

What is the typical career path for this role in this company?


Thank you sir, For giving me an opportunity to ask you a question.

What do you like most about working here?

Vengatesh Prasath:

Thank you are for giving this Opportunity.

I like to ask one question.

Tell me most regular clients in your company. Like what project, Importance of the project.


Unfortunately, if I am not selected in your company, please tell me the reason behind this, so that I will not repeat this mistake in future.

Alsadig Gibrill:

Sir, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to ask you a question, so my questions is how could I improve my skills and capacities in the future?

Rajat Krishnan:

No, sir. Thanks for giving me that opportunity and I really appreciate that!

Anurag Gupta:

Thanks for this opportunity sir/ma'am.

I just wanted to ask that How much will you rate my interview on a scale of 10?

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