Please suggest me what are the skills I need to improve in my future?

Srikanth Lakkam:

Thank you, sir, it's a nice experience to interact with u, can you suggest me what skills do I have to improve?


Can you tell me, what still I have to improve regarding my skills?

Harsh Inamdar:

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask you a question.

What do you do as a stress buster?

Yash Mirge:

I would like to ask one question, can you suggest me what should I improve? How was my overall performance? Where did I lack?


Thanks for you giving this opportunity to ask a question.

I don't want to ask any questions to you, because I'm not an experienced person better than you.


Thanks sir for giving me this opportunity to ask you a question.

I want to know more about this job profile, working culture and what is the requirements of this company that is looking for the candidate.

Sajid Sadiq Dar:

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Sir, how long you are working here and what is your overall experience?


Thankyou sir/ma'am,

It was nice interacting with you. How would you rate this interview out of 10?


When will be the date of joining if I am selected. Which technology projects are currently there in your company?

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