John Lebeoa:

An example of my creativity is; let me say this, I am a baseball pitcher, and unlike other pitchers in our tournament who throw only straight balls, I am a creative pitcher, I throw different types of balls, for example; Curve balls, drop balls and Strider balls.


Creativity means finding new ideas ivan apply one formula for accept the hard work and implement the smart work.


According to me, the Creativity means doing a task from smarter to harder.

Radha Kumari:

In my last semester, we have a seminar topic me and my best friend have the same topic. My best friend said me that both will prepare power point presentation together so I said that fine. But I want that my ppt should be more creative than my friend so I introduce my animation and new thing that my friend has not induce in that so I think that was my creativity.

Bhanu Prakash:

For me creativity is not about doing different things but it is about doing the things differently.


In my point of view, creative means innovation of a new idea from our old things.

Raja Naikt:

For me, creativity is always doing different things but it is about doing the things differently.


Creativity is doing the new things and in different manner.

Shruti Mishra:

Creativity is made you different to other. This is not an inherent quality and it is the smart thing due to which you can know about different things how can do it.

Qasim Ramzan:

According to me, creativity is doing the unusual things in usual manner.

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