Creativity means finding new ideas for applying one formula to accept the hard work and implement the smart work.

Ujjawal Raj:

I will show my creativity in the job when I'll job. And, if I talk about my past creativity then I was creative in framing poem and my poems have been sent to college to published.


Creativity is doing the most common thing in your own way.


Creativity is not only just an attempt to do something in which we have passionate but where as to do the things innovatively & stubbornly without any compromise either in exsisting or newly activiies.

Aryan Rabha:

Creativity is ability to see things in newer perspectives. My example would be, if somebody calls me old I correct them and say I am "ancient".


Make your work comfortable with less efforts, be yourself and give perfect result is called creativity.


Creativity means simple things make more complex.


According to me, doing the most common things in my own style (in a unique way) is creativity.


Creativity means opting different methods or processes to get the end result and find out which method will be more effective in terms of productivity.


Creativity means small idea to develop big development and benefits.