Divya Markana:

Sir, I have lots of Ideas in my mind, but I want to apply those ones in your organization so I can take this organization to the very next level of growth. I will be obliged if I can put my all effort to do this.


Not yet, because I'm a fresher I don't have enough money for capital and not enough skill or knowledge to start an own business even I finish marketing management.


I have not decided yet. However, as per the market corrections and implementation of new tool in market. Definitely, I will have to start my own business after few years.


At present don't have the idea of starting a business on my own. As I am a fresher I need to know a lot of information about the market. Initially I need to learn then I will think about that.


Yes Sir, I am thinking about starting new business with your company. I am very innovative person. After taking some experience I used my skills to move your company from one level to next level.


Now, I don't have plan to start a business because I am fresher I don't have much practical, market knowledge and money. Firstly, I want to learn. After gaining experience I will think of that.


Sir, definitely I want to set my business and I have lots of idea about business but sir I don't have any experience and lack of knowledge about business as a practical firstly I Will do job in a company and I want to implement the ideas in company and show the company to next level and after that I will try to set a new business.

Gian Mavrick Madrangca:

NO, I don't have plans to start my own business. I am more focus to build my career with your company which I believe this company could give me a stable job and have fun while I am working.

Tania Basak:

Well, I have a disered wish of starting a business. But to start a business capital is needed, but now I don't have enough money. For the business the main thing"EXRERIENCE" is needed the most and also the knowledge of market value so then I can think of starting my own business.

Ujjawal Raj:

For starting a business I need to have much more knowledge and experience And capital too. And I'm a fresher now so now I'm not thinking about that.

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