According to me, Success is not a destination, success is a journey.

Tathagata Singha:

Success in nothing but a satisfaction of our own mental condition.

Ujjawal Raj:

Basically, when you get everything that desired to be in your life and got satisfied with your struggles and you are happy then you met success.

Priya Das:

As an employee, Success is the achievement of a goal of an organisation. I would measure by viewing the organisation success. Because I belief success of an organisation means success of an employee.

Shruti Sinha:

Success is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction after achieving your goal such that your parents and society will proud on you.


For me success is a happiness. When you target a goal and do lot of hard work to achieve it. And after some time when you achieve the goal. You are happy, your parents are happy and that is why I said success is a happiness.


Success is defined as the work must have curiosity+interest+concentration+love = success.

Monirul Islam:

I think success is the trophy which has gained after the long lasting hard work & worship of a particular field that not only satisfied ourselves but also make us confident to do work with passion and also it makes our parents to proud.


Success it means to achieve satisfaction from your life.


Success is being happy in my life.

I will be happy when I see the development of my staffs, when the results became great.

The results can be measured by KPIs.