One's innate ability to overcome an obstacle under any circumstances.

Success can't be measured as it varies according to each individual.


For me, success and failure both are equal. Both increase responsibility.


For me success is that what makes you happy and you make people happy that is a real success.


One's you work hard and achieve your goal success automatically come to you.

Shraddha Thakare:

I will set some goals related to my life, when I will achieve that goals for me that's success and also when my parents proud on me i.e. only success for me.

Raghav Sharma:

When we complete our goal or when we help someone then we come into a state of peace and success is a name given by us to this state. This state is exist until you set your new goal.

Vikas Mahindkar:

According to me, Success is achieving our goals as planned and my parents proud of me.


There are many definitions of success.

For me.

Success is, if you put a place in someone's heart by your honesty, behaviour and your work.

Thank you.


Reward and recognition about organisation or society consider me as success

Aniket Deshmukh:

My defination of succes is giving proper knowledge of every thing that I learn today.

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