Puja Kumari:

Company improvement means employee improvement so, I feel happy and proud to do work at night and weekend.


Work is important, day, night, weekend or normal day is not a matter for me and I love night more than days.

Priya Soni:

I don't have any problem to doing work in night and weekend.


I feel good to working nights and weekends, as I told you that, I want to start my career in this company and my long-term goal is that, I see myself senior position I this company after 5 or 6 years and this company also gives my lifestyle benefits, so its no chance to say no about work in nights or weekends. I will be always with this company.

Md Abusalam Mandal:

The 1st think working nights and weekends is not a good sign for the employee as well as the company. According to me, an ideal employee should complete his/her work in a stipulated time period only. It is a good sign for his her on growth ultimately the company will get an efficient employer. Also, such working gives stress which is not desirable. Unless there is no tremendous demand for work I wouldn't like to work at night and on weekends. Thank you.

Ujjawal Raj:

Actually, when I take my job as my responsibility and think that where I'm working is our company. Then I will not feel any grudge againt working night and weekends.

Preeti Das:

I always want to do my work perfectly, if my work required more time to present perfectly definitely I'll give it.


Working in the nights and weekends are perfect timing for the employee. One can gain more experience and unlike in the days and weekdays there will not have any disturbances making the perfect environment for one to work.


As a fresher, I'm quite excited to expierience all the shifts.

Sp Thakur:

Sir, company growth is employees growth. If a company need me I will there. Extra work gives me an experience that how to work in a critical situation.