Nandaram Praveen:

I can do the work on nights or weekends according to company needs. If a company needs me definitely I'm ready to do the work at any time. It will give the experience to leave in a critical position, not in professional life in my personal life also.

Deepak Malik:

I can work anytime because my only motto is to complete the task in given time.

Aurobindo Nandi:

Company's growth is obviously employees growth. Whenever company needs me I will be there either nights shifts or weekends. But in family case I have to balance both this case.

Hemanth Sagar:

Company's growth is obviously employees growth, whenever the company needs me I will be there, either in night shifts or weekends. Thank you.

Sarvesh Pandey:

There is a good thing in me that I take all extra work as a regular work and definitely company growth is good for employees also.


If a need like this arises, I'll surely go with the flow and will leave no stones unturned to complete the work on time.

Kaushal Kumar Rai:

Company growth is obviously employees growth, Whenever company needs me, I will be there either in nights shifts or weekends.

Arabinda Mahato:

I think Company growth is the employee growth. That's why if I need to do night shieft I have no problem.

Suvesh Patil:

I have no matter about working nights and weekend. So I can.

Raman Banger:

For gaining my knowledge and experience it's a not matter for me that I do working on night or day and I do everything for achieved my goal.

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