As long as I have intellectual challenges.

Shikha Singh:

As long as I am fit for organization growth. I want to prove myself in a good way.

Nandaram Praveen:

Sir, If you hired me I can do the work up to your company needs from me.

Harry Baloyi:

I expect to work with you as long as there is growth in what I'm doing. If I do one thing for 30 days then I would know I'm in a wrong place.


As a fresh graduate, it has been always dreaming in your company. Hence if I am selected It will be my pleasure and assure that I give my best. As long as the company recognize my work and potential I will be there with you. And As long as you want to stay in this company.

Navneet Kaur:

As long as company need my services and as long as there is carrier growth opportunities.


I will stay with your company for a long time and also it depends on time and situation.

Sir, you are hiring me as fresher and it's my responsibility that I should try to give my best and do service in a company for a long period.


Though I am a fresher if l could get a chance to work in your company l will be very thankful. As far as how long l will stay with the company depending upon on the situation frankly.

Mark Metal:

I'll stay to your company for long time period and it depends on the situation and career growth.

Akshay Verma:

Sir, being a fresher it's my dream to get a job in one of the reputed company in the world as your's. I have no thoughts of quitting as far as organisation is appreciating my my ideas needs me and there are opportunities of my career growth in an organization.

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