As long as I feel challenged professionally.

Ujjawal Raj:

I will work for you till I learn new things.


I would like to work with you as long as I can grow professionally.

Bitu Kumar:

I will work with your company till the day, I feel that I am not giving the best result which is required by your company, after trying my level best.

Pragati Singh:

I will work with your company as long as my presence benifits both the company and mine in parallel. So that company gains good results and I can be in a good position to improve my Skills.


As long as company need my service and sometimes it depends upon the opportunities in company for my personal growth.


I will surely work until our company requires my services and satisfied with my work.

Mo. Farahat:

As long as, I feel challenged professionally.


Sir, being a fresher this is my dream job to work with company like yours I have no thoughts of quitting as far is company needs me and there are opportunities for my career growth.

Fathima Kubra:

As long as you are satisfied with my work.