Oh, That would be my luck.

But still I work with this company and than with a lot of experience I will invest all my money in a good business.

Ajay Vishwakarma:

Yes, I will do the work in some time. And most of the knowledge and experience of the company. Then I still the work and start the new company his idea and talent experience to the growth of his company.

Ujjawal Raj:

It sounds nice. If I would win $10 million lottery, firstly, I'll do the fixed deposit of that amount for some years in any bank and to use that money to gain more, I'll need much skills and knowledge and for that, I'll have to continue my work.

A.Varun Kumar:

If I won 10 million lottery, I won't be working under someone instead I will offer job for the people who are in need.


"Well, I wish may it become true (smiling). Apart from that, actually its a great sign of a men to work, so I continue to work even I win a lottery. ".


Yes, Because work is my passion.


Of course, I'm sir!

The lottery is my luck. It doesn't mean that my luck can rule my life.


I would like to invest that money in my current organisation and I will become partner of our compeny.

Henthar 786:

Ofcourse not sir. Because joining to your company was my goal. How can I throw my goal just for 1 million dollar. I will be happy if I get a job in your company.

C Chandra Likhitha:

Yes, I would still work because 10 million dollars will be completed if we start spending it. So after completion of that money if you don't have a job then how will you survive so that money I will use for other purposes and I would still work.