I want to work here because I want to learn new skills getting $10 million lottery might change my standard of living and lifestyle but my interests and passion will remain same. Yes I would work here.


Yes, I will work,by doing work and getting money gives more satisfaction to me than winning the lottery.


Winning a lottery is a temporary thing, but learning things and experiencing it will remain forever with me. So I would prefer to go with the job.

Supravat Chakraborty:

First of all, one needs to be lucky to get a lottery.

But leaving a job is dependent on time.

There is no value of money with time. If I won a lottery at present days I'll not definitely leave my job. Because its the time to start my career and I want to gain more knowledge and improve my technical skills. Money is a temporary thing but knowledge is permanent that can help me to make a great future. So I do the job.

Shreekant Ingole:

Yes sir, If I won the lottery I will give it to a trust of poor people to help them and I will continue with the job because the job can teach us lot of things practically but money can't do that the same thing that's it.


I won't leave the job.

After getting the money I would buy your company's shares.

Thus I would learning things as well as I would using my knowledge in your company's growth.

Suvesh Patil:

If I won $10 million lottery then I still work because talent is not purchase in money.


No sir/madam.

I still work for our company because money only fulfill my needs and it affects the talent. I always motive with my knowledge.

Bharat Rohit:

I am still continue my work without any distractions. Because someone said that money can not buy happiness. And I am strongly believing that I would be very happy whatever I gain from my work. Because no body is gonna told me in future that. I was become millionaire because of my lottery luck! Rather than I would like to Call millionaire because my hard and smart work!


Yeah, no doubt. I won't leave from the company. Because according to me, money came from my talent and skills is more powerful than money came from my fortune.

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