Chandra Dangwal:

Sir, I think I'm not the right person who can judge you, You have the best qualities that's why you are here. But I feel good about interacting with you.

Thank you.

Md.Mizanur Rahman:

As a newcomer, just now I introduced to you. This short time is not enough to judge a person but your behaviour surprised me that why I will give you 10 out of 10. Thank you.


Sorry Sir, I am not able to rate you because I can't judge any person in a short time but I definitely say that I feel good to interact with you.

Sushi Kumar:

Sir, I am not a right person to rate you, you are more experienced and have more knowledge than me, I know sir no one is perfect in the world. If I rate your behavior I would like to give 10 out of 10.

Kirana K K:

I think I'm not the right person to give the rate of you because I'm a fresher I don't have any experience. You have more knowledge and also experience if you want my rank I will give 9 because no one is perfect in the world.



I think you are already 10/10 that is why you are here. So from my side you are 10/10.

Tania Basak:

I wouldn't think that I am that kind of position where I can judge you or I can mark you.

Nagesh Pawar:

Sir, I won't be able to rate you as I feel I don't desrve to rate a person whose work position as an abbreviation i.e. HR already opens up to a phrase called 'Highly Rated'.

But as an interviewer, your company has already rated you 10/10 that's why you are here to take the interview.



I know that each and every company want their employee to be at their best since the development of a company mainly relies on strength of employees knowledge. So the huge responsility relies on those HR s selecting right candidates. Your company had selected you because they found that you are the best. So I don't know what criteria to rate you. But if you still insist I give you 9/10, since everyone is not perfect.


Thank you for this opportunity but I can rank you if you want my rank as my knowledge and experience. I will rank eight out of ten.