Ujjawal Raj:

I'm a fresher with no experience. So, I have to develop my skills. Because with any experience and knowledge I can have career options.

Dhanesh Kumar:

Being a fresher, my career option is to improve my skills and knowledge.

Birkur Saikumar:

I think positive way, I never go other works and must focus updates issues, information, never give up my efforts, communicate with my circle background everyday, I maintain time management, I never feel shy.

Gautam Singh:

I want to do a job in KPO because it's a growing sector and gain more knowledge.

Shikha Jaiswal:

My career option right now is to get this job. At this point of time, I only want to work in your company so that I can contribute my best for the growth of the company.


I am a fresher right now. So my career option is If I get a job in reputed in company like you. Then I can improve by skills in software development in project and I will study MBA to learn management skills by continuing by job.


Sir, Till now there is no any another career option in front of me except this field.


Well, sir I know I am from a different background but there should be no limit to check our capabilities so that's why I am exploring Different field because this is the only time when we can choose the right for ourselves. With that experience, we can choose best for ourselves in the future from different professions.

Pinky Gurram:


As a fresher I want an opportunity in any software company to do a jod and I want to learn the work which is related to software.

Krishna Kant Singhal:

Well, as a fresher, I want to get an opportunity to join your company and enrich my skill. Contribute myself to growth of the company.