My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company where I can use my skills, and my long term goal is to become a successful electrical engineer with hands-on experience in the field.


My short-term goal is to get a good job in a well reputed company like yours and My long-term goal is through hard work get a higher position in that company.

Md Imran Ansari:

My short-term goal is to being selected in the software industry, and my long-term goal to become the key resource in the organization where I am working.


My short-term goal is to get a well reputed company like yours and to lern a lot of skills to enhance my long-term goal that is to secure a respectable position in the organisation.


I am a fresher. My short-term goal is I want such a platform where I can grow my career along with the organisation growth.


My short-term goal it to get a job so that I can increase my skills know and also get practical experience and my long-term goal its to bring the top level for the company among the competitors so that everyone could know me.

Mr. Mahesh Jadhav:

I Have To See Myself In Our Company At One Well Position & Also I Have To Enhance My Image In Our Company. This Is My Main Aim.

Jayant Basone:

My short-term goal is to get a platform where I can enhance my skills and knowledge and learn new things.

My long-term goal is to become an asset for an organization for which I work for to develop myself, others and the organization.


Sir my short-term goals are to get a platform like yours where I can be more skilled and more professional then I am today and to get work experience my long-term goals are to work for achievement of companies goal by becoming an important asset to the company.

Abioye Idayat:

My short-term goal is to be a successful bisness person, my long-term goal is to manage my business appropriately help others.

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