Astha Jindal:

Sir, my outside interests are cooking, spending time with my family and learning new technology like android, big data etc that are not taught us in college.

Abhishek Singh:

My outside interest gardening, cooking, music.


My outside interest are visiting historical place, writing something about social and personal, to help my father in my farm.

Shubhangi Srivastava:

Sir, my outside interest is to learn the new things and to spend time with my family.

Prashant Premani:

Travelling and long ride on bikes are my outside interests.

Payal Barvaliya:

My outside interest is gardening, cooking, music and drawing.


It depends on my mood actually, sometimes I feel like to play logical games on my phone/ sketching/ dancing/ chatting/ walking/ play badminton etc.

Md Shabbir Hussain:

Actually, whenever I get bored then l would like to spend some time alone.

Sudhanshu Srivastava:

My outside interest is to visit the historical place.

Harikrishnan J:

My outside interests are;

Travelling : exploring new places and meeting new people.
Gaming : Loves to play mobile games.
Movies : Loves to watch comic movies etc.

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