Strength is I used to mingle with all and acts according and coordination to the team because I am a team captain.

Weakness is I believe in all who does wrong ways to me also that's my negative thing.

Priyatos Manna:

Sir, I am a very hard working person, I am punctual and loyal towards my work.

Sir, I can't say no if anyone asks me for help. I think; that's my weakness.

Deepanjal Mitra:

There is a lots of strength I have like I focused, I am hardworking and my I fixed my aim.

My weakness is my confidence.


My strength is that I have excellent analytical skills. I am an organized person and because of that, I am able to finish all the task given to me on time. I can handle difficult people and I used my charm dealing with them.

My weakness is when someone disturbs me I will get angry suddenly.



My strengths are hard working, adaptable, and flexible for any environment.

My weakness is that I can trust any person easily.

Gajendra Singh:

My strength is working under pressure, self-motivation, I believe in honesty and positive thinker.


My strength is I'm hardworking and kindhearted & punctual and my weakness is I like to complete work on time.

Dipanshu Prakash Gupta:

My biggest strength is that I am very co-operative. I tackle most of the situations by maintaining my calmness.

My weakness is that in some situations, I become emotional at some point, that is not good for my professional career. I should handle those situations with more professionalism.


My strength is I am a hard working person.

My weakness is my friends.


My strength is I always likes my work, Self-motivated, quick learner and my confidence.

My weakness is I don't like to interfere in my work. And I believe Everybody easy.