Confidence - positive thinking.

Over Confidence - over thinking.


Confidance- I can do it.

Overconfidance- only I can do it.


CONFIDENCE:I can do it with hardwork and patience is confidence.

OVER CONFIDENCE:I do any thing without any hardwork and patience.


We will do it is confidence.

Only I can do it is over confidence.


Doing hard work expecting something is confidence.

Without doing anything expecting something is overconfidence.

Akash Rathour:

Confidence --I Can Do It.

Over Confidence -- Only I Can Do It.

Tania Basak:

When you do practice something you feel very much confident, then you will give your 100 percent. On any task. But when you know that you will do the best among all of them then that is called the over confidence.

Nagnath Madhukar Kadam:

I can do it confidence.

Only I can do it overconfidence.


Confidence - Yes, I can do it.

Overconfidence - Only I can do it.

Sanjana Das Burman:

Confidence is an innate virtue in every individual. It is one of the building blocks of one's personality.

Now, coming to the question asked; confidence is when you know you are capable enough for any kind of work. Most importantly, it's when you believe in yourself. Overconfidence is when you feel that you're better than other, which is self destructive in some circumstances.

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