Puja Kumari:

Confidence. I can do it.

Over confidence. Only I can do it.


Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin and expressing yourself without feeling insecure or nervous. It comes when one knows one's strengths as well as faults and accepts them to improve oneself.

Overconfidence is when a person 'believes' that he/she is right every single time and that there's nothing the others 'need' do, but follow him/her happily.

If the interviewer says something like, "If you can do it, there are a hundred others who can do it too. Why should we choose you and not them?".

If you say because I can do it better than others, the interviewer might twist your reply to mean that you are over-confident.

What to say in such situations? Maybe you can say "Because I'm special! You will find it during my work and never regret your choice".


Confidence is staying calm and cool and being able to do whatever task is being assigned in a proper way.

It is being confident about oneself and having the belief of being able to do anything.

Over confidence is when someone brags about being confident in am excessive manner and it does not always lead to good results and can be self destructive.


Confidence: We are respecting our hard work.

Over confidence: we are unaware of our strength & simply saying I can.


Confidence comes where you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, whereas in over confidence, the person is not aware of his strengths and weaknesses and feels he is suitable for the job.


I will do, it is confidence.

Only I can do, it is overconfidence.

Sachil Krishna:

Confidence : I will crack this interview.

Over confidence: I will crack this interview in a minute.

Mighty Grace:

Confidence: Just believe in ourselves.

Over confidence: It shows the pride of a person.


Confidence: Just believes in our selves.

Overconfidence: it shows the pride of a person.


Confidence: I know everything since I want to revise once so that I will easily crack the interview.

Over confidence: I know everything without revision I will crack the interview.