Hard work gives experience and smart work comes from experience.

Shekar S Reddy:

Hard work means putting in a lot of time and effort doing a certain amount of work. Whereas, smart work means spending less amount of time performing the same amount of work. Hard work aims at the quantity and may become monotonous and boring after a certain period. Smart work aims at achieving goals with quality.

Sunil Kumar Singh:

Hard work is done by Physical Strength only while Smart work is done by the Mental Strength.

Priya Sharma:

Hard works depand upon your physical efforts. And smart work depends on your knowledge.

Tosh Patil:

Hard-work as compared to smart work is being an donkey that just carries weight.

While smart-work is that same donkey sitting in front of an computer hiring an logistic services!

Prashant Kande:

Smart work comes after hard work.

Hard work related with the power and smart work related with the brain.

According to my point of view, Hard work is always a success because a person getting more & more knowledge and skill to fulfil our own growth.

Smart work is also good way for success in a short time but the drawback is when we do smart work we don't have perfect knowledge in a particular topic.

Aryan Rabha:

Hard work is work done under pressure to succeed at any cost as soon as possible. There is no deadline for completion of work. Whereas smart work is work done in relaxed methodical manner with high optimism to complete within the stipulated deadline.

Smart work begets efficiency and experience. Hard work begets smart work, efficiency and experience.


Hard work is putting more efforts and time whereas smart work is working efficiently with less time.

Krunali Kadam:

Hard work - Action without thinking.

Smart work - Action but planing.

Saundarya Jambhale:

My view is that, If we apply only physical power to achieve our goal can say hard work but it we apply both physical and mental.

Power to achieve a goal can say smart work.

Smart work saves a lot of time rather than hard work.

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