When I'm doing work with great effort if someone disturbs me, I will get angry.


If anyone pollute environment by dumping waste in road side makes me angry.

Deepak Kumar:

If anyone disturbs my self-dignity, then I will get angry.

Mighty Grace:

If anyone tells me to don't do that work, in which I have interested to do. - that makes me angry.

Sorabh Mirchonia:

Failure makes me angry and this anger leads to success so to improve my failure.


When someone hurt my self-respect it makes me angry. However, anger is an emotion so I could manage my emotions Infront of people.

Sanjay Arya:

When I hurt someone or when someone says bad about me ones it makes me angry.


Truely. When someone speaks lie to me, without any reason.

Joshna Reddy:

If someone asked me to sit idle without any work and without doing anything more time, I will get angry.


In my opinion, anger is just an emotion, I think before every act of mine, so I get angry when it is needed not when I want or somebody wants to make me anger.

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