Richa Mishra:

Being independent & positive attitude towards my career enhancement. And doing something good for society motivates me alot to do good job.

Arabinda Mahato:

My parents who working hard to see me a good position and independent. When I thought this I got motivated.

Suvesh Patil:

My parents is my motivation for doing a Good job.


The people who motivates me to do good job are my parents. I have seen my parents how much they have strrugled so that I can studies. My father works very hard day and night and don't even take any leave from work. These are the things that motivates me to do my work and make my parents proud on day.


My parents who taught me everything in my life motivates me to do anything. My father from whom I got to know how to overcome from difficult situations and support everyone. And my mother who taught me how to unite a family together. I think in a job there are many situations where I need my father's lesson in my mind and being in a good company I have to make my colleagues in a group and there I need my mother's values.

Thank you.

Akshay Verma:

Sir, my aim is to become a successful person in life that gives me a good social reputation and good life that motivates me the best.

Krishna Kant Singhal:

Sir, I belongs to a middle class family. My father is a grain shopkeeper. I am the first child in family who comes for study outside of my state so my parents and my family have faith in me that I will get good job.

That's faith towards me motivate me and makes me stronger to do hard work and to get a good job.

Ankit Srivastava:

My Parents is my motivation because they are working hard to see me in a good position and independent.


First of all my parents who are working selflessly for me for my good future secondly if passion becomes profession than there is automatically some vibes comes out from our inside to do well in that field.


The person whom I see everyday in the mirror motivates me.

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