After 5 years, I would be in more professional and better than what I am now.

I also would like to lead the team and make an ideal for my team members.

And also be make myself confidence and trustable employee as a company expect from me.

Manvendra Singh:

Totally not on the same position. But.

I see myself in a wider role that creates an impact in the company and industry. And these five years, I don't want just add a line in my cv. But it must be added great value in my career.

Suraj Khanuja:

5 years later, I see myself more mature and adaptive to changes and perfectly experienced & skilled with my work. So that, I would be beneficial for my organization and be very suitable for senior position in the same.


After 5 years, I want to see myself as a responsible person at a respected position in reputed company like yours.

Shubham Kumar:

Obviously, it is very clear that after 5yrs from now, I would like to be at a senior position in your company also become more responsible and bring perfection in my task that all contribute towards achieving growth or goal of the company. But my first 1-2yrs will go to understand and learn many things from my company and colleague and also getting the opportunity to relate the theoretical knowledge with practical data and achieve a better position.

Simon Sunday:

In five years time, I would like to be five or better than the normal me when I joined the organisation, by influencing my co-workers in the right way, be a troubleshooter. And take the organisation to a higher level through my hard work.

Anil Kumar:

After 5 years, I want to be in a position such that the company is benefiting from me.

Rupesh Agrawal:

After 5 years, I want to see myself as a responsible person which my company expect to me.


5 years from now, I look forward to a good position in your company that can influence or help my subordinates, co-workers and also the organization in self.

Vishal Pawar:

I want to be an expert in my field & I see myself satisfied with the work I am doing, in the upcoming 5 year.

After 5 years, I want to more knowledgeable and more responsible with good career growth and to achieve senior position. And I see myself to inspire others through my knowledge speech.