Navita Pannu:

After 5years, I want to be full-fledged HR Professionalism in terms of recruitment training and development, Event management.

Gudivada Madhavi:

I am a fresher and have just started my job bunt. During my college days I interacted with seniors and others regarding career planning. I need to introspect in terms of my updating myself in the coming 5 year and climb up the ladder. I strongly believe that I should multiply with experience, perks and position.


I want to see myself as an independent and individual girl.

I definitely want to attain success In my life as I'm a success-oriented person and also it could be done by giving my best to your company's growth as well as my growth.


I want to work hard, learn more and be experienced so that in five years from now I will be in a higher position where I can also hire the people in the company like yours.

G Bheemreddy:

If you give me this job, I will sit beside you and I will hire people.


Five years from now, I want to be at a position where I should have a work for my name and I want to be at a position where I can lead a project.


To be honest, I think it is a bit difficult to know now exactly where I will be 5 years from now. Certainly, my main goal is to move forward and to get ahead to a senior managerial position of central answerability. Sometimes while doing so we also imbibe qualities not related to the present task of expertise, but it's a constant learning process that I will follow. Thus I need to continue my learning in the areas that are essential to this company and which will also stand me in good stead for my personal and professional betterment. This is something I look forward to doing. Once I have given it my two years from now I can define my goals more narrowly.

Akash Kakade:

Well, my long-term goal is I want to grow myself with your company. I continue to learn, Get technical Knowledge and be an experienced person in My work. And I want to take additional Responsibility from you.

Thank you.

Mk Patel:

Sir, I don't know how much time it will need, but I want to become at the position equal to you.


After five years I want to see myself as a managerial post with the help of my hard work and patience. Becomes a reputed apart for this organisation where I am working. Thank you.

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