My inspiration is my sister. She encourages me and gives many tips to handle difficult situations and she motivates every time. She is a brave and confident person to tackle and fight against every difficulty. But I am opposite to her, so I am trying to be brave as her. She 's the person inspired me a lot.

Amit Aky:

My father inspire me because he was very good and helping other.


My mom is my inspiration because she has very good character and a hard working mind. She always help others and faces all the problems with a cute smile. She always says that her smile is her strength.


Both success and failure are an inspiration on my life because it defines my responsibilities and abilities from my ups and downs.


I am blessed to have born to such amazing parents of mine you are my inspiration throughout. My MOM secured a job after she gave birth to two of her children. Who else can I look up to other than her, the one who topped the exam? The spine of her success being my DAD, who constantly supported and motivated her throughout her journey to grab the chance she has been offered and finally, it fell into place. So they are my inspiration and constant support system as well.


My uncle inspired me a lot. Why means I have grown up in my personal and professional life by following his foot path only, I also want create my footpath to brother and sister to lead their life in pleasent manner.

Mohammad Inthiyaz:

My father is my inspiration because he showed me the path to grow from nothing to everything.

Mangesh Wagh:

My mother and father because they always tell be a hero always say I have no fear.


My parents inspired me because they always do hard work to give me the happiest life. So it's my responsibility to give them what they deserve. This thought always inspired me.

Suvesh Patil:

My mother & father because thew always work hard for my future.

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