Deepanjal Mitra:

You should hire me because as a fresher I need some stroides from your company because your company provides me an knowledge that I not have and I do my best for your company to make your company better and I make my skills better and I think I have that ideas or knowledge that your company requires from peoples if you give me an opportunity I will try my best for company responsibility.


I'm a fresh graduate I have experience about this job and I don't think this past experience is enough for this job that wanted to do so I came here I apply here because I do really think that with the help of your company my skills my capacity to this job is getting more good experience learning things and its help me for my future.



As, I am a fresher I need to learn the work and I thought this is the one of the best platforms where I need to prove my skills and assure you I will do the work with 100% dedication.


I am a young aspirant who seeking for a better platform for polish my skill and knowledge. Besides to that, I have the qualification and skill to company requirements.

Faisal Raza:

Sir, I am not saying that I am best because there are many other students are trying to get this job maybe some of them are even better than me but sir I can assure you that I'll struggle hard and will never let you down and you won't regret after hiring me.

And it's all possible if you give me a chance to prove myself.

That all sir.


I have skill and knowledge. If you hire me my skill and knowledge will polished well and give better result then your expectations. I assure you that if you hire you won't feel any regret.


I am a young person and I am looking for a platform to learn new things and explore my skills. And I can give my best for my growth and as well as company growth.



I have gone through the job description and found myself fit for the job requirement for both employee and employer perspective.


I have acquired skill which will help to growth of the company.


I have acquired skill which will help to growth of the company. And I'm assets of that particular company where my skills and experience would be match.

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