If it will be the last option so maybe I but if nobody will be hurt but before I will solve the problem according to the situation. Because I know I will resolve the problem before the deadlines.


If it's for good for the company, then yeah, I would say a lie!

Sachil Krishna:

Considering the situation for the greater good. Yes, I might.

Ujjawal Raj:

If lying would be last option to takcle the situation and no one is getting hurt by me.

Then, I may lie. But before that, I would apply my creativity to tackle situation. And I know I'll solve the problems without lying.

Gaurav Singh:

It totally depends upon the situation. If lying is the last option to tackle the situation for my company I have to do it but only if it is the last, otherwise I will use my creativity to deal with the situation because in life we always have the second option. We just need to find it and make it count.

Aryan Rabha:

That will depend on how big the lie is. If the lie involves huge risk for the company and for me then I would certainly not lie because my job is to uplift my company and not to assist in degrading it sooner or later. But if it is a small harmless lie with no foreseeable risk then I would consider lying.


First, I will try to manage by telling truth because if we tell lie one day it will definitely affect to our company otherwise there is a chance of getting a situation like to hide this lie we create another lie. Instead of this manage the situation some other way to hide the truth.

Saddam Hossain:

No sir, because mean hiding the truth and it is a big sin. And lie may create problem, can't solve the problem.

Sushama Desai:

It fully depends on the situation at that moment.

Sumit Kumar:

Yes if a company wants me to lie I would lie in some of the cases but first I will make sure that it won't harm anyone in any circumstances.